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When in doubt what do you do

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When in doubt ask someone else, so you can have a balanced decision. ChaCha again and Happy 4th of July! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-in-doubt-what-do-you-do ]
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When in doubt...What do you do?
flip a coin, then ignore the answer and take a nap
What's Reasonable Doubt?
People tend to dislike lawyers, in part, because law is mushy and lawyers are the mouthpieces of our law. When people need and want a target for their frustrations with the uncertainty and fluidity of our law (an ineradicable feature of law...
What is Doubt?
・ To discover what doubt is, we must put it context with faith and unbelief. Great story, wish I could ... ・ Faith = Heb. 11:1,6 Personal confidence in God through Christ - focal point, object. Faith believes what ... ・ Jesus said v. 31 - d...

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How do you get rid of self doubt when writing?
Q: I'm young, i've written a 121,885 word novel in the mystery/adventure/fantasy genre. now as i'm going through one of my final revisions, i find that i am going through a writers block halfway through the book. my main problem is my terrible self-esteem when i stare at my work. i'm actually a very confident person, but even when people say it is good, even when i know that it is actually publishing material, i am almost erupting in tears because i know my dream of becoming published is never going to happen. as i ask this question on self doubt, you are first going to ask if it really is good, or you'll doubt me just as i doubt myself. but i guess that is how the world works. how can i know that my novel is good enough? how do i stop freaking out about it? any other questions that i didn't ask and you can answer, please do. thanks in advance.
A: You need to learn how to separate your ego from your writing. In order to be successful, you need a thick skin, and you need to be able to distance yourself from your work.Normally, when I complete a manuscript, I put it away for a few weeks before revising it. When you walk away and come back, you can look at it objectively. Guess what? Maybe your first draft really does suck! There is nothing wrong with that. Once you can acknowledge it without seeing it as a personal failure, you can address the problems. I am a publisher of speculative fiction. If you would like, I would be happy to look at your first chapter and give you some advice. Send me an message and I will tell you where to send the first chapter.
My hand will shake and i doubt myself when i do my speech and presentation?
Q: When its my turn to do a speech or presentation in class , my hand will turn cold and i will doubt my ability on my grammer and writing cause im not a really smart student. There are like so many other students with better speech.. how can i overcome and fix this?
A: Almost everyone gets nervous about public speaking--it's the number one fear. What matters most in giving a good speech is sincerity. If you believe in your subject and your message, then that will come across. So pick a topic you really care about, tell your opinion and ask your audience to take action. Ask them to do just one thing related to your speech topic. For instance, if you talk about the environment, then you could ask them to recycle, or plant a tree, or pick up trash--whatever, just ONE thing you want them to do in response to your speech.
When is the specific Age or Time Period when majority people began to doubt that there is really a ghost?
Q: I know that there are some believe that there is ghost, but when exactly the age (example, Industrial Age, Scientific Revolution, etc.) where many people began to doubt the existence of ghost. I think it is when Religion, preferably Christianity took the lives of the people,, maybe
A: Ghosts are a medieval perception actually... before then the theory of a human ghost;like creature was not mainstream.... the dark ages created numerous "holloween" type scaries inc. the ghost

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