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What should I do if I have homicidal thoughts

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If you are having homicidal thoughts, you need to speak to someone to help you. Call 800-866-6554 to talk to someone about it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-if-i-have-homicidal-thoughts ]
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Why do I have homicidal thoughts?
You really should consider seeing a psychiatrist. I presume this is usual for you. Question, I don't mean to "be nosy", however had you experienced trauma of any kind during your childhood, suh as rape, or major physical and menta...
Why do I have homicidal/suicidal thoughts?
Ah..I had those thoughts around your age...I'm 17 right now..And honestly what helped me through it was friends..<3 Even now I have those thoughts, but I don't worry because I know I won't. It depends if you watch horror movies too, whic...
What do I do? Had homicidal thoughts...?
Hi Courtney, I have no idea how old you may be, but that is not really a problem here. Firstly, having one of your friends commit suicide is frankly more than enough for anyone (no matter their age) to deal with. I can only imagine how this...

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What should I do, if having homicidal thoughts and dreams?
Q: Quite some time now, my dream and reality has consisted of various fantasies consisting of torture and murdering people. I tried explaining this to a professional, but my personality nature is quiet and anti-social; I wasn't able to tell anyone the truth. I'm also scared.. they might lock me up?What should I do?
A: I have those types of dreams often, that doesnt mean I am going to go act out on it! Just go with your dreams! Nothing wrong with it, just never act out those dreams in reality! !
Why am I haveing homicidal thoughts instead of suicidal?
Q: You know when people get hurt they have suicidal thoughts? Well i am different... I have homicidal thoughts....is this normal?
A: This is normal if it is fleeting, like ewww I could just KILL her. If you are actually going through different schemes and plotting and planning. Get yourself some help brother! You would be alot more hurt if you had to sit in an orange jumpsuit for the rest of your life in a 8x8 cell with an affectionate cellmate. Be smart about revenge. The best revenge is to kill them WITH kindness.Hatred is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies hunny.
Should I feel guilty for having homicidal thoughts towards my rapist?
Q: Christians, non christians... what do you think?Uh, i'm not.
A: Of course not.Your rapist deserves to die.(Not that I'm advocating the death of rapists - a civilized society balances justice and mercy).

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