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What leads to physical abuse

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Emotional abuse can lead to physical abuse. Drug and alcohol use and mental illness can lead to physical abuse. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-leads-to-physical-abuse ]
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Why Physical Abuse Can Lead to Dependency
Physicalabuse is one of the main root causes of chemical dependency issues. In fact,studies show that up to 40 percent of those with drug dependency issues have suffered physical abuseprior to dependency. In adults, studies have shown that ...
Does anger abuse lead to physical abuse?
yes it can. It all depends on the person. If he/she gets so angry it can lead into physical abuse.
Can emotional abuse lead to physical?
Yes absolutely... emotional abuse is sometimes worse though because it can affect a person forever, mentally. Physical marks can go away. If you are in a relationship where you are getting abused emotionally, please leave. I was in a bad re...

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Physical abuse leads to adult depression, study finds?
Q: who are the geniuses that spent money to FIGURE THIS out...I bet over-weight people have high rates of heart disease too....
A: Ahh it's good to see money going to good use. Who needs to cure horrible disease and mental ill-ness anyway? Maybe they study obvious stuff to make it seem like they are doing something?
What "minor" actions are considered leading actions to physical abuse?
Q: All of the answers to questions similar to this that I have looked at have listed shoving, grabbing, and pushing. I was wondering if something like grasping the back of a shirt and yanking would be an action leading up to physical abuse.Oh, one important detail I left out is that the person of question actions is a female adult.
A: Look up "assault" and also "battery" on Google.com. You'll see the legal definitions, which are rather different from what many people might think. Personally, I think that people who think it's OK to yank someone around by the back of the shirt, especially in anger, are the kind of people to stay away from. A lot of young people are accustomed to rather rough horseplay, but that can rapidly escalate into something much worse.As far as adult behavior is concerned, that sort of thing can be really frightening. You may need to work out ways to keep clear of anyone who threatens to act that way.If it's your own behavior you are worried about, take a sober look at the Internet information, and resolve to control yourself before you land in major trouble.
How often does verbal abuse lead to physical abuse?
Q: actual accounts if possible.
A: yea, because verbally abusive people are normally ALREADY physically abusive, they just haven't showed this side to you YET, but trust me its coming.

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