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What is the name for the fear of holes

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Trypaphobia is the fear of holes, clusters and cracks. Thanks for using ChaCha! 1-800-2ChaCha. You call, we text. Unlimited. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-name-for-the-fear-of-holes ]
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What causes trypophobia? (Fear of Holes)?
I don't know what causes your specific phobia, but there are some more general theories about phobias that may apply. First off, one is much more likely to develop a phobia of something that humans historically have reason to fear (like sna...
What is the cause of trypophobia? (Fear of holes)?
Trypophobia is usually caused by being afraid of falling into holes or what lives in the hole. Some times people know of a friend or family member that died from falling in to a hole so that might trigger the fear also.
Why do church fathers fear dark holes?
The Catholic priesthood is unswerving in its devotion to celibacy, a quaint notion that ignores the simple biological truth that we exist to have sex and reproduce. But simple biological and sexual truths frighten men who wear dark robes; m...

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What is the correct phobia name for the fear of plugholes?
Q: Now I know there is a name for most phobias, but I can't seem to find one for the fear of plug holes (the ones in baths or sinks). Does anyone know what this fear is called?
A: Arachnophobia...admit it it is the spider coming out of it that you are really scared of
what is the name of the phobia when you have a fear of many small cirlces/holes/spots joined together??
Q: when i see pictures, or when i see it in person...the sight of many small things all joined together can make me burst into tears with what could be called a phobia, it makes me feel violently ill. especially in zoomed in pictures in biology textbooks. i cannot find this phobia anywhere on the web. help!
A: It is generally accepted that phobias arise from a combination of external events and internal predispositions. Some phobias such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) however, may arise more easily due to an evolutionary trait that conditioned humans to fear certain creatures that could cause them harm. In a famous experiment, Martin Seligman used classical conditioning to establish phobias of snakes and flowers. The results of the experiment showed that it took far fewer shocks to create an adverse response to a picture of a snake than to a picture of a flower, leading to the conclusion that certain objects may have a genetic predisposition to being associated with fear[3]. Many specific phobias can be traced back to a specific triggering event, usually a traumatic experience at an early age. Social phobias and agoraphobia have more complex causes that are not entirely known at this time. It is believed that heredity, genetics, and brain chemistry combine with life-experiences to play a major role in the development of anxiety disorders and phobias.You are associating those images of joined circles/holes/spots with something else that has given you a traumatic experience in the past. I would recommend you to see a professional and take a Rorschach Inkblot Test . That will help give a clearer idea of what you might be associating those images with. Once it is diognaized it will be easier to deal with and help cure.Hope this helps and wish you the best of luck.
What is the phobia called when you have a fear of holes?
Q: I have a very serious phobia of holes. Like sponges, clothes, for a few years I was disgusted with myself because our skin has pores. (Luckily I'm over that one) I know it's weird but I haven't been able to find out what the name of it is, if it even exists. It's bugging me that I don't know what to call it.I think there's bugs in them or something. I'm not scared of germs but I think that there's some creature in one of the holes trying to come out when I'm not looking. Like with a sponge, it's popping out the other side trying to get on me. OBV. I know there isn't, it just really freaks me out.And I have looked on a phobia list. All I can find is the fear of "holy" objects and places.
A: cavuminubilaphobia, since the latin word for cavity is cavum, and dark is nubil

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