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What is organizational psychology

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Organizational Psychology applies psychology to organizations and the workplace. Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-organizational-psychology ]
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having to do with organizations, studying the sociodynamics of organized groups. Armies, businesses, religions, that sort of thing.
If you are looking for a way to help both individuals and organizations, businesses, and work-type places, then you should definitely consider studying organizational psychology. This lesser-known form of psychology is one that helps organi...
Unlike mathematics, physics and engineering, which for example, are viewed as “hard” sciences, org psy doesn’t always assume that the truth is out there or that it’s possible for us to know what the truth is. Even the hard sciences have iss...

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What are some good industial - organizational psychology graduate schools in America?
Q: I am currently doing my bachelors degree in psychology in India. And I plan to give the GRE exam in June this year. I would like to major in INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY and am looking at programs in America. Can anyone suggest some good schools to look into?
A: The Univ. of Akron, in Akron, Ohio has a pretty good graduate program in I/O psychology. (I used to work there in the library, and the Psych Dept. was one of my responsibilities.)
Is I/O psychology and organizational psychology the same thing?
Q: I am looking up graduate programs and I have come across several different search results that have associated I/O psychology with organizational, applied, social, and personnel psycholgy. I want to make sure I get a degree in the right field.
A: The acronym is industrial/organizational psychology. In a nutshell, organizational psych refers to constructs such as leadership, group cohesion, motivation - all things related to an organization that affect employee well being, job satisfaction, and ultimately, performance. Industrial psych was grouped under this umbrella since it relates to organizations - however, this realm deals with selection, employee assessment, and recruiting, using tools like realistic job previews, cognitive ability tests and interviews. All of it is to determine the best person for the job - which in turn affects job satisfaction and performance.I/O is likely the best overall program, since personnel psychology is a branch of the Industrial side, and the field in general was born out of social psychology.
For a career in Organizational Psychology which steps should one take?
Q: I have my BS in Psychology and I am going to get my Masters in Organizational Psych. I would like to get my feet wet and am unsure of what types of jobs or volunteer work I should pursue.
A: Yes you are right next step is do dirty your hands and learn tricks of the trade. Would suggest that get in some NGO working in labours cause or urban congolomerate works. This will help you learn what other side thinks of it. Then next one is some associations of staff and confedration of industries.Good Luck.

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