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What is I can do it all by my self about

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Perhaps you mean "I Can Do Bad All By Myself", a movie about a family, faith, and making amends for bad decisions. Rated PG-13. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-i-can-do-it-all-by-my-self-about ]
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I cut off all my hair and im very self conscious about it. how ca...?
In ur first pic you look like. Child star from the 50s...a boy child star. In the second pic it looks really nice how this time u apparently "curled" sort of the end to give it more of a defined fresh look. The last pic is just ra...
How can i make all purpose flour into self rising flour??
I don't know why you would want to do that, but just add some baking powder to the flour and you will get self rising flour. I prefer not to use self rising flour because of the stabilizers they also add to it. That stuff is unhealthy. Wh...
Can I take all of my continuing education hours as correspondence...?
No. Only one-half of the total hours needed to renew your license can come from correspondence or self-study courses. For example, a P & C renewal requires 24 hours of continuing education. Only one-half (or 12) of these hours can come ...

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WHAT DO YOU DO when youve lost all self confidence?
Q: the person i loved more than anything in the world betrayed me and made me feel like i was nothing. how am i suppose to build up my confidence when everything feels so hopeless? all i can do is cry right now .. how can i make things better
A: I know that it feels that you're all alone . . and sometimes you truly are. All you can do is take control of the situation (yourself) and take this as an opportunity to focus on what is important in your life. . . besides the person which thought was important to you. Don't sit there and wallow in your sadness, and I know it's easier said then done. You really have to try to get your mind off of the situation you're currently in. Go do something that you've wanted to do. Example, maybe you've wanted to start working out, and you've pushed it aside, now is a better time then ever. I am sure you're very attractive, whether it's that inner awesomeness, or outer awesomeness. Just get into activities which require little thought, but are very time consuming, because this is what will get you through the day. Speaking from experience, because this recently happened to me, your situation that is, time will pass and before you know it, you're back to your old self... For now it will suck, but know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and you will be okay. . .
Is it Safe to do it? And where? - Self Piercing?
Q: I'm thirteen is it safe for me to put a nail/long push pin from the top of my bellybutton the the bottom of my bellybutton and leave it there. I tried it and it hurt a tiny bit to put it there and i can get it out but is it safe.Also where is a place I can self pierce that is not dangerous, that doesn't hurt, that i can take out, and that my mom won't notice!
A: No where. Absolutely no where.The risk of infection is huge and if an infection becomes blood borne, you can die. If it gets into a bone, you can lose bone, or limbs or appendages.It sounds like fun. I messed around like this when I was a kid, too, but it's a terrible idea. And you get terrible infections that require you to be taken to the doctor and then your parents find out.I know you don't hear about people dying or losing pieces of their body because of piercing very often, but my mother is a nurse, and we heard plenty about it growing up. It is fairly common. One guy lost his penis.Entirely. Penis gone. And that piercing was done by a licensed piercer.I have my nose pierced twice and my right eyebrow once. They all three got infected even though I had them done properly. And it was quite a trick to get the infection out. My sister did her bellybutton herself and she had to go to the doctor and get on anti-biotics for quite a while. And anti-biotics break down your immune system so you can get other illnesses.Don't do it. It's a terrible idea.The end. :D
Step by step instructions about self publishing a book?
Q: Can anyone give me step by stp clear instructions that can help me self publish a childrens book of mine. I dont want any websites to see, all i want to know are the details about self publishing. How do i start? How do i put the book together? How can i market them? Anyone who answers this question to my liking i will vote for them as the best answer.Or addresses and/or phone numbers of publishers.
A: Step One. Do not do it. It will suck every penny you have out of you. Self publishing is never the right answer. Uncle Jim's Law - Money should flow toward the authro, not away from him.Persi's Law #1 - If you believe in yourself and in your book you owe it to yourself to spend at least twice as long trying to publish it traditionally as you did writing it. Pax-C

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