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What is an average IQ for an adult

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The I.Q. scale uses 100 as as dead center, but average is considered to be between 89 and 111 in which 50% of people fall. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-an-average-iq-for-an-adult ]
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What is an average IQ for an adult?
The average IQ for anyone is 100. It forms a bell-shaped curve. Stand deviation is 70-130 I think, but don't quote me on that. IQs are adjusted for age. There is no such thing as a perfect IQ test. But lets pretend there is one. If you took...
What is the average IQ for an American adult?
The average score for anyone is 100.
What is the average adult iq score?
Average is actually a range of scores, not just one number. The range of average is 85 to 115, low average to high average.

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what is the average IQ of an Adult american?
Q: I would like to know the average IQ of a young American adult(in their 20's, 30's.)have you had an IQ test? what did you scored?
A: They try to keep the average score at around 100. I've heard the test "scale" has actually been moved to keep it there (i.e. those taking the test 20 years ago who would score 100 then, would score around 105 today).Actually, the average IQ of people who take the test is probably higher as most people who would want to take the test typically aren't afraid of the results( they know they are smart.)In various tests I've taken, I've scored anywhere from 128 through 158. If I were to guess, I would say I'm probably at the lower end of the tests- I don't consider myself a genius.
What is the average IQ of an adult person?
Q: What is the average IQ? I also wanted to know what is the highest IQ a human being has ever scored?
A: Average is 100 Highest I've heard of is 200Newton had 180Einestein had 160
What age equivalent is the average iq of an adult with down syndrome?
A: There are people with Down syndrome who have a normal IQ. It's not as common, but there are. People with Down syndrome can have an IQ ranging from normal down to profound disabilities (under 20 IQ points). The majority of people with Down syndrome fall in the mild and moderate range of mental retardation (IQ 35-70). IQ, however, has very little to do with how well a person functions in life. If a person has good adaptive skills he/she could have a lower IQ and function very well.

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