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What is a good character trait

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Honesty in relationships is always important. It is an excellent character trait. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-character-trait ]
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What is character trait?
A thing about a character like is he/she brave, good-looking, humble, angry etc.
What does character trait mean?
I JUST THOUGHT THIS WOULD HELP... I THINK YOU'D BE ABLE TO GET THE IDEA OUT FROM THIS LIST =] Character Trait Chart and Personality Components It can sometimes be helpful to make a Trait Chart for each character. This is especially helpfu...
Why would purpose be a good character trait?
Purpose It would be a great quality to hold because it would give you a sense of security. Given that the opposite of purpose is purposeless, it is then easy to see the benefit of having a direction to go in life rather than the opposite.

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What is a good Character trait for Perseus?
Q: What is a good character trait to describe Perseus?
A: TroublemakerUnstable
is over dramatic a good character trait for juilet in romeo and juilet?
Q: I need helps to find some good character trait that show what kind of a character is juilet. And, I am not sure if over dramatic is a good enough. If not, Can you list some for me and example for it. Thanks
A: I think torn. And she definitely has many internal conflicts.Because she wants to do what is right for her family, but also is deeply in love with Romeo.She is upset and emotional because she wants to please both her lover and family.:)Hope that helped.
What is the most important character trait (s) when looking for a good man?
Q: I feel a big-hearted , compassionate man- in a nutshell will make the relationship last. What is your opinion? I am 41 year old professional lady seek a good man- to start out as friends.Is it really in the heart?
A: honest? being honest is the best... when it comes to looking for a good man

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