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What does it mean when you have a dream about getting married

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Dreaming of a marriage, or a wedding, is the sign of a death in the family. If the marriage was between strangers, then the MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-a-dream-about-getting-married ]
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It means that the neurons in his brain were firing random images into his head. His subconscious is kicking in. He subconsciously wants to marry you. Does the dream mean you WILL be married. No. The dream only means that he is interested in...
dreams sometimes mean nothin i had a dream bout a giant turtle chasin me and i was slow to run!
All young people dream of getting married at one time or another, Its normal human nature. Maybe you saw or heard of a resent wedding and transferred it to your dreams to try it on for size.

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What does it mean when u dream about getting married?
Q: I had a dream about getting married but i wasnt prepared I just had on a white dress and nothing else then I saw my dad and told him dad who am marrying? So I didnt even know who it was. Then he showed me who it was but I couldnt see a face! It was blocked by someone else. I told my dad to please get me out of this that I didnt want to get married! I walked out. What is this supposed to mean?
A: stop watcing so much tv before you go to bed
What does it mean when I dream about getting married but I regret getting married?
Q: So I had a dream where My brother and I got married to our wives. We went to this lady's house and she told my brother, "I heard you got married?" He said yeah my wife's at home...la la la la... I could have said hey I got married to, but I didn't. I had like this feeling of regret, of unhappiness, like I didn't want to get married. I still wanted to talk to other girls and be single. Can you tell me what it means? Thanks.
A: You can not control your dreams, they dont have any special meaning or intuition. If what happens in our dreams happened in real life I would be dead many times over.
What does it mean when you dream yourself getting married?
Q: I am married and with a one year old baby, so it cant be me. Does anyone know what the those kind of dreams mean? It kind of scares me also because when I dream something, something always happens, but I still cant define each dream I have.
A: If you are really happy...maybe you are dreaming of the day that made you very happy!

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