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What does it mean when you dream of a polar bear

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This dream can mean you are afraid of something or afraid for someone else, Who else was in the dream ? Ask yourself this. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-dream-of-a-polar-bear ]
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I had two odd dreams about polar bears in the past few days. What...?
Polar bears represent a type of awakening. The first bit is about a reawkening comeing to you and you have never experienced it before. Then being in the cabin represents yourself, and because the polar bear changes, it means that you are g...
What does a dream with Wolves and Polar Bear's mean confused !?
It is the transformation, unless you feel someone who is a friend (the bear) is actually a foe (the wolf)
What does it mean to dream about a polar bear in your house??
bears are usually a good omen in dreams. Good fortune (finances) or good luck are coming. A polar bear? Maybe turn up the heat?

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what does it mean if you dream that a polar bear is trying to kill you?
Q: I had a dream that a polar bear was chasing my ex husband and he got away and then the same polar bear was chasing me relentlessly and viciously. He wanted to kill me and I kept trying to get behind a door and get it barricaded but he was quick and I found myself in terror and having to push the door shut with all my strength. Any thoughts on this dream?
A: It seems this bear is 'life'.I cannot know the circumstances or context of you and your ex, but he is seen here with the pressures of life 'bearing' down on him - in nearly deadly fashion - a dire thing. First it is he that is put on the run - and he escapes.What of this bear - now coming after you? A great white bear, among the most fierce images of the animal world we might have. Normally we would see them in a somewhat desolate setting as well - a landscape as white as the bear, notwithstanding the thawing of polar ice, of course...This same thing that put the chase on your ex now hounds you and brings terror - you struggle - and so far as can be told by your words, you do survive this dream. But it was a close thing - and you are probably still not terribly comfortable in the memory.Take a look at the things around you in life. What did you and your ex share - were there burdens that got worse as you broke up? Sometimes those things are messy in practical ways - careers or academics interrupted, finances unsettled, you name it. First one may be threatened more than the other partner, then the latter may find unexpected burdens left behind even as the first 'escapes'. I notice your ex did not exactly turn on a dime and come rushing back at that bear on a tall white horse - you are stuck leaning on that door all by yourself.And the bear, life, was starkly white - you didn't mention that, but it's the nature of that beast, isn't it? White is purity, in a sense - we humans gravitate toward that notion. Ordinarily it means a settled, comfortable thing. But when that thing erupts with claws and fangs it is unexpected and harsh - what once was comfort is now a marauding beast. That kind of thing can relate to the 'simple' settling of the 'ordinary' details in life - hardly 'simple' or 'ordinary' when we find relationships broken and the 'simple' things of life suddenly very unsettled. The placid landscape becomes dangerous and we are put in discomfort - if not outright peril of losing something.Of course only you can really know the details of your relationship and how such thoughts may relate in that context, but these observations are suggested by what you have shared. Consider whether there is unsettled business - already done or underway or expected - that may be unpleasant in some way. It may relate to a break-up with this fellow. Consider too that it may very well relate to how he has behaved, or how you fear he would behave in the face of adversity. It may even affirm how you felt about him in this regard. Dreams are that way - they exaggerate, but for a purpose: to warn, to inform - even to entertain, although this one doesn't seem to fit that billing. But look at the dream in this way and consider it against the context that you know - perhaps that will unlock some understanding on the matter.All the best to you.
what does it mean to dream about a polar bear in your house?
A: bears are usually a good omen in dreams. Good fortune (finances) or good luck are coming. A polar bear? Maybe turn up the heat?
What does a polar bear chasing me in my dreams mean?
Q: I had a dream that i was in my bedroom and a polar bear chased me into my bathroom and kept scratching at the door and i wasnt able to shut the door or lock it. And the bear kept sticking its paws in the door. I want to know what that means... please help me!
A: The bathroom represents a very personal type space, that the polar bear is trying to invade. You must feel that someone or some people with quite a bit of power are trying to control you or manipulate you, and may be abusive to a degree. You don't seem to be keeping people from violating your personal space, and your rights that well at times. One does have to be a spiritual warrior at times, fighting one day at a time, to protect one's place in this world and one's rights. One sometimes has to avoid associating with the wrong type people, and also stand up for one's rights as effectively as one can. One should have a safe place where you can go to recharge your batteries, and take care of your personal needs. One has to be quite strong spiritually to defend oneself against bullies. Meditate/pray, exercise, and eat healthy, so that you will be spiritually strong, and able to defend your position and rights in this world.

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