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What does it mean when you dream about somebody having a baby

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When you dream of someone having a baby, it means new beginnings. It also means hidden potential related to you is being released. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-dream-about-somebody-having-a-baby ]
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What Does It Mean When I Dream Of Someone Having A Baby??
Good question, I had a dream of someone else in labor and about to have a baby this morning too. LOL
What does it mean if someone else dreams you had a baby??
It can mean a lot of things, actually. Some people - my great grandmother, for instance - dream that someone has a baby, and lo and behold! soon after they are pregnant. (Or their wife is, if they're male...ha!) I myself have dreamed that m...
What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Having A Baby With Someone El...?
Dreams are funny things, may be hidden desires, fear, whatever. Best way is not to worry. If the dream is reacuring, you can change your way of thinking by playing soft music as you go to sleep

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what does it mean if somebody dreamt of me as pregnant?ive been trying to have a baby?
A: it means that you have told them so much that you want to have a baby they can't get it out of their head either.
What does it mean to dream of a dying baby?..?
Q: I had a dream last night that was all over the place it was really eeary i felt really scared it was about me being at a party and looking at a guy that looked really suspicious he looked like he was high and for some apperant reason i could hear his toughts and he was on a cell phone and I could hear his conversation he was speaking to somebody who was selling drugs and talking to him about not having any money so the guy told him bring me anything that is worth money so i could hear him thinking about a pregnant woman and taking her baby....(i did not see him take her baby but i knew that it was hers that he took) next thing i knew i was seeing that he had already handed over the baby to the guy and he was hurting him the baby was badly hurt and he was injecting him in the arm and burning him with a cigarette on his forehead that baby was screaming i felt shocked i wanted to cry and scream for help but nothing would come out they handed me the baby and walked me outside and put me into a car but i didn't want to get in then all off a sudden the baby went into like some kind of a shook and could not breath and died...thats when i woke up i was in disbelief i wanted to cry so bad i was speechless...WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN I KIND OF HAVE AN IDEA BUT I NEED TO BE SURE!!
A: that's horrible :( ...but don't let it scare you...what did you have to eat before you went to bed?
What does this devastating dream about pregnancy, marriage, and death mean? please?
Q: Here's the dream:It was the night before our wedding me mama and my sister were in a hotel room eating pizza and watching a movie and I turned the movie off and said there's Something I need to tell you.. I'm pregnant.. And mama said is that why you're getting married? And I said no I'm only 5 months we've been engaged almost a Year and they started crying and hugging me and we went to sleep and the next morning I threw up then took a shower and everything was okay I felt fine and we Went and got a mani pedi and got our hair done and we did our makeup and ate and it was about time to go so we went and set everything up and then I changed Into my dress and went away somewhere and everything was set up and everyone got there and then it was time for me to go so I came out and daddy walked me down The beach to my fiance in the dream which was my boyfriend in real life and I kissed his cheek and he gave me away and my lower tummy stung for a second but then it got better so we held hands and we said our Vows and then we kissed and my stomach was killing me but I acted okay and smiled and we were walking down the beach and I hit the ground real hard and passed Out and my husband screamed somebody call 911! She's pregnant!! And mama rushed to me and she was crying hard and so was my husband and the ambulance came and put me on a Stretcher and he got in the ambulance with me and held my hand and we got to the hospital and I was still unconscious and they rushed me in and left him in the Waiting room with everyone and thirty minutes later they came in and told my husband there was a second baby that no one had noticed on the ultrasound and it had a Tumor on its heart that was growing rapidly and about to kill them both because they were identical twin boys and they told him that your me and the babies' lives are at risk.. And they told him their only option was to do surgery and kill the tumor baby so that the other one could make it otherwise everyone would Die and he started crying and asked if I would feel it and they promised him I wouldn't so he let them do it so they did surgery and took one baby out and Killed it and sewed me back up and then they told him but my water broke when they were in the waiting room with him and I couldn't tell them cause I was Still passed out so when they came back they could see the babies hair on its head sticking through and they had to like help pull the baby through cause I Couldn't push and they rushed him to another part of the hospital and did surgery and hooked him up to so many tubes because he was only 5 months old his lungs Weren't anywhere near fully developed and I woke up and noticed I wasn't pregnant anymore and I was freaking out I was scared to death and I started screaming So the nurses came in and explained everything to me and I told them I needed to be with my husband so they let him come in and we started crying and he wrapped his Arms around me and held me close and told me he loved me and promised that everything would be okay so we layed there and waited and 7 hours later they rolled In the tiniest baby boy you could ever imagine he was about the size of your hand and he was hooked up to so many tubes and inside of a box thing and we couldn't touch him but he was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen and my husband kissed me and said I love you baby.. And I was crying but I smiled and said I love you too.. I'm not pregnant I'm not engaged nor married.. Me and my boyfriend are serious and talk about babies and marriage and its all in our plans for the future but not until I finish school.. What does this dream mean? Please help.. I really need to know
A: seems like it means that you and your boyfriend can make it through any type of hardship that comes your way.

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