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What does it mean when people talk to themselves

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When people talk to themselves they are processing thoughts or solving problems. Don't you ask yourself what you want to eat? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-people-talk-to-themselves ]
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What does it mean when people talk to themselves?
If they do it all the time, in public, then they are annoying, insane, and may believe they are talking to god (like a guy i work with).

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What does it mean when people talk to themselves?
Q: I'm asking this b/c i don't realize i am until my mom tells me. Is this a bad thing?
A: I agree with one of the above posters. I was an only child and I talk to myself all the time. Mostly I am making fun of myselt and I say things like "Yeah, good job." when I mess something up or "smooth move" if I walk into something. Also if I am really busy at something, I start talking to myself like "Okay, first I have to get this done, then I'll do that..." It helps me to focus my mind.I think it is only a bad thing if the people around you are judgemental AND you care what they think.
If people with bluetooth "talk to themselves" does that mean every time you talk to yourself your tooth gets?
Q: bluer?
A: It doesn't "get bluer" it gets more blue.
What does it mean when they talk about the way someone carries themselves?
Q: what does dat mean
A: It means whether or not they have poise and confidence. If you were walking down the street and two equally pretty girls came towards you, one walking with her head held high, her back straight, looking people in the eyes, completely confident and self-assured, and the other came towards you looking at the ground, shoulders a bit rounded, hair in her eyes, shuffling her feet, chances are that the one who walks with confidence will recieve a better reception.....not because she is more beautiful or anything but because she carries herself better. It's a description of one's view of themselves.....not always accurate but there all the same.

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