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What does it mean to dream about showering with someone

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Shower dreams: A shower may symbolize spiritual energy and cleansing. Your worries are washed away and you can begin afresh. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-dream-about-showering-with-someone ]
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What does it mean to dream about being naked in shower with someo...?
Hi, here are the symbols that I see in this dream. Bathrooms are where we cleanse, freshen up and relieve ourselves. So when we need to "wash away" negativity or get rid of something we no longer need, we just may find ourselves i...

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What does this dream mean? Showering my head with Milk and soap?
Q: I had a dream where i was showering just my head with milk and a soap....First i would massage the soap bar in all my hair and then shower it with milk? what the?Does anybody have the meaning of that?
A: Yes, there are some old ideas you need to get rid of (negative thinking or just distracting thoughts: lust or greed or something like that) and replace with wholesome, nourishing ideas. Maybe it has to do with education or religion? Maybe getting some therapy?
What does it mean when you dream of showering in the dark?
Q: Last night I had a dream where I was taking a shower but it was in the dark, I tried putting on the lights but it wasn't working.So I freaked out a litte bit and ran out of the shower screaming as thought there was something in the dark after me.when I started screaming, thats when I wroke up panicking.Some please interpret this?what is that suppose to mean?
A: Showering indicates water; water is symbolic of emotions to me. You have repressed some emotions because of your fear of feeling them. That is why you cannot turn on the light. Don't panic, just start working on this.
What does it mean to Dream of taking a shower?
Q: For a long time ive been stressed about my school project becasue my partner was not doing anything, i was crying, i was sad, i was emotional, i hardly had any sleep , and yesturday was the end of it all, now last night i had a dream i was taking a shower and a bubble bath what does this mean?
A: i think it means you need to relax

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