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What does it mean to dream about a dead family member

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To see people from your past in your dream refers to your shadow and other unacknowledged aspects of yourself. It can MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-dream-about-a-dead-family-member ]
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What Does It Mean To Dream Of Dead Family Members?
There are many different things seeing the dead can mean. If it was your father it means something unlucky is about to be done by you, your mother means you must control your morbidness and ill will toward other creatures. A brother or any ...
What Does It Mean , When You Dream Someone That Is Already Dead, ...?
I dreamed my sister died, she was a younger sister,and as far as her health she was very healthy. Six months later she was told by the doctor that she had cancer. She lived only 16 short months longer. Do what feels right in your heart,mayb...
When you dream about dead peo family members and friends??
It could mean a lot of things and it could mean nothing. If she is religious, then they could be getting in contact with her, or just want to pay her a visit making sure she was okay. If she isn't religious, then they could have been on her...

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What does it mean if you have a dream a dead family member is sitting on the bed with you?
A: maybe he wanted to visit you or tell you something important. maybe he was really beside you in the bed. or maybe you just thought of him lately. remember, dreams come from your experiences. i dont know about the weird ones. but maybe it recalled your knowledge or your experiences waaay back. it can either be paranormal or just psychological. if there's something important about it, its either you be careful with yourself or you should remember that dream or something.
What does it mean if i dreamed of a dead family member?
Q: I was talking to my grandad while he on a escalutor going up (as they do) slowly, i was calling him crying but he couldnt hear me all he was doing is smiling. I was really close to him and since he died i only have memories so seeing him was so nice,but he couldnt hear me. I took a step on the escaultor and he shook he's head and said ' may your time will come soon' and i woke up and i felt a small brush on my cheek. I still wonder what this means?
A: Dreams are basically just what your mind decides to think about when you sleep. Sometimes dreams can be analyzed to tell you something about yourself, but it’s very tricky. Sometimes dreams are just weird with no real point.If you dreamt about a dead family member it basically just means you were thinking about that person while you slept.
what does it mean when u dream about a family member dieing that is already dead?
A: maybe you miss them a lot and you hate to c things like that happen

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