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What does it mean if you have a boyfriend but you have a dream about your ex boyfriend

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To see an old ex-boyfriend from childhood in your dream, refers to a freer, less encumbered relationship. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-have-a-boyfriend-but-you-have-a-dream-about-your-ex-boyfriend ]
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What does mean to dream about your ex boyfriend?
You may have some unresolved feelings about him. Or it may mean nothing at all, sometimes a dream is just a dream.
What do dreams with ex boyfriends mean?
It SUCKS when you still have to see someone all the time when you just want it to be over. Been there did that. Didn't turn out so well. Are you not "over" him. Maybe. It's hard to let go when you see someone all the time, no matt...
What does it mean to dream of my ex boyfriend??
It means whatever you take it to mean. why cant you people decide for yourselves? nobody knows your life better than you do, dreams can be a load of crap (like mine - dreaming about dragons eating my family while i eat milkshakes made of...

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What does it mean when you dream about your ex boyfriend?
Q: I had a dream that I still wanted my ex boyfriend, and he had another girlfriend (which he really does now) and he know but he wasn't paying no attention to me. Then something happen I don't really remember but we talked and he says he's still in love with me but he don't want to be with me unless I move next to him (he lives in Florida and I'm in new York) then I woke up.. What does that mean, is there a future for us? I've also had other dreams about him...
A: well dreaming about him at all means you care... You dreams are just your imagination in it's truest form, showing either the one thing you do want or your biggest fear. You just have to decide which one it is... don't let this dream decide for you, go with what your heart tells you, it may not aways know what's best but it knows what you Truly want
what does it mean to dream about your ex boyfriend wanting to be with you?
Q: the other day i had a dream about my ex boyfriend and he called he saying he wanted to be with me. what does that mean? i dont know what that means?
A: It doesn't necessarily mean anything, just a dream. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It's intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the "theories" of interpretation are merely someone's opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific. So depending on whom you get to interpret your dream, it could mean that you want your ex-boyfriend to want to get back with you or that you're afraid that your ex-boyfriend will want to get back with you--essentially opposites. One of my professors in graduate school said he had a Freudian analyst and a Jungian analyst, and after having his dreams interpreted by both he invariably chose to believe the Jungian analyst because his interpretations were more optimistic. So it's a belief, arbitrary, more like a religion than anything else, but no one can say definitively that it means anything specific. Sorry!
What does it mean to have a dream about your ex-boyfriend?
Q: I had a dream last night about my ex-boyfriend of one year that I broke up with in May.The two of us were hanging out at my house in the kitchen. We were sitting at the kitchen table talking about college and what he wanted to do with his life. We then wanted to sit closer to each other so we sat on the barstools and kept talking. He then randomly kissed me and I felt it and it felt amazing. And then I woke up.What is that supposed to mean??
A: Well, using the psychoanalytic approach i would probably say that you still have unconscious feelings for your ex and need to fully get over them. it will take some time but it will eventually happen and then these dreams will go away.

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