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What does it mean if you dream about fish

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To see fish swimming in your dream, signifies insights from your unconscious mind. To catch a fish, represents insights MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-dream-about-fish ]
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・ From a book of dreams: if the fish are big = abundance; if small = lack; to be eaten by fish = sadness; ... ・ It could be simply something you picked up unconsciously such as talking to someone about fish a few ... ・ This is what it says ...
Hi, Fish are one of my favorite dream symbols because I happen to dream about them too! Fish are something we catch, keep, or eat. In-turn, a fish could symbolize something you want - something you are "fishing" for, something you...
You're just used to eating fish in those classier joints that leave the heads on when they're served. Or you thought maybe the head would be discarded and you'd miss out on that fine fish head soup.

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What does it mean to dream about dead fish?
Q: A few nights ago I had a dream about fish and then last night I had a dream that people were carrying a coffin and there was dead fish in there? I heard that dreaming of fish means conception, so what is dreaming about dead fish mean?
A: you really cant do that sorry sweetie hope i help thank youlots of love from mj
What does it mean to dream about koi fish?
Q: I had a dream that I had 3 large koi fish in a bucket with water and that every time that I would hold my hand over the bucket--one of the fishes would jump up as if to bite my finger and fall to the ground. I would then pick the fish up and put it back into the bucket because I didn't want it to die.This process continued throughout the whole dream, happening several times with each fish.Does anyone know what this may mean?
A: Hi there, Blah,Let's see what you've got....The number 3 is synonymous with unity and divine perfection. But, is often associated with unity and unions.Often, fish are indicative of others we are familiar with. Consider the "fish" of the sea as innumerable. I often see these associated with children because of the ability to recreate life in swarms..... as men were told to be fruitful and multiply fish are mankind.....Let see what is going on here.....We cannot ascertain from here how big this bucket is, so, I cannot tell The bucket, itself, is a limitation.... When koi are placed in buckets it is a sign that they are quarrantined for a period of time.... A holding tank is what it is... Some kind of restriction is what these individuals are faced with.....However, there is something you are doing here.... i would almost suffice it to say that you are tempting these ones.... As if you want them to notice that you are in control ("hold my hand over") - or to let them know, you are there... And there is one who is tempted enough to try to get your attention to grasp it ("one would jump up").... Ever hear the saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"?.... Well it means that one turns against the person that supports them.... Here, that person fails ("fall to the ground")..... And you managed to lift this person up again ("I would pick the fish up")... dream says because you did not want to see it go through something traumatic or detrimental ("didn't want it to die") death in dreams indicate change... great change....Dream says that you have been around with this one. ("happening several times").... So, you've been through this before..... You'll have to think on who this one is.....**Koi are pretty hardy though.... They can survive out of water for a good period of time. I had a ghost koi jump out of my pond and into one I was digging to expand it. Thing just waited to be picked up. Must have been out of the water for about an hour.Your sister,Ginger,((dream interpreter for over 20 years))
What does this dream mean about a fish, lion, and bear?
Q: There was a like dead fish floating in the deep water just off shore. A lion try to grab it and fell in and went under. Then a black bear swam over and got the fish.What do you think this dream means?
A: Water represents knowledge. Man made like a swimming pool is man knowledge, natural bodies of water like a lake or the ocean is Spiritual knowledge. Fish is an aspect of your Spiritual life. The fact it is dead in the dream & floating in the sea could be that there is understanding that you live & have your being in a vast sea of Spiritual knowledge available to you but feel as if there is a particular aspect you can't get to or feel is unresponsive. The Lion represents courage, but courage is not enough to get to this part of yourself. The bear is both strength/power & at times protection. You may be telling yourself that courage is not enough to access this part of yourself. You feel you need more strength or power. Dreams usually are a message to yourself & the message may not always be absolute truth, but rather your subconscious feelings about the issue which may or may not have any truth to it. Either way it's best to know. If untrue the knowing will help you release the illusion about yourself & there fore remove the perceived block.I hope this helps.Blessings!

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