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What does it mean if I have a dream my ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend

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If you have a dream about your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend then it means you accept his new relationship and are over him. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-i-have-a-dream-my-ex-boyfriend-has-a-new-girlfriend ]
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What does it mean if I had a dream about my ex-boyfriends new gir...?
dreams are usually based on current events are your feelings maybe you still have feelings for your ex?

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What does it mean if I had a dream about my ex-boyfriends new girlfriend?
Q: Well I Had a dream that me and a few friends were hanging out and this other girl (who was my ex-boyfriends new girl). I don't like her but I acted like I did in the dream and I kept lean over and ask my friend if my ex was coming. Could this mean I am looking for a way to be with my ex again?
A: dreams are usually based on current events are your feelingsmaybe you still have feelings for your ex?
What does it mean if i dream about my boyfriend ex-girlfriend? ?
Q: What are good websites for dream interpretation?
A: Your dreams are your bodies way of collecting your thoughts at the end of the day and going through them to try to make sense of the madness in your life. If you dream about someone, it eans their on your mind even if you don't think they are. Your dreams do not have any meaning other than to reveal your fears and desires about them. Its normal to dream about somone you are going out with or recently broke up with
What does it mean when I have reacurring dreams about my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend?
Q: Over the past few months I have been having dreams about my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, who was his first love. One dream involved him lying to me and telling me they didn't talk and then I found out that they were still really good friends and were going to get back together. Last night I had the same dream two or three times. It was my boyfriend and he had gotten drunk and told his ex that he still loved her. She then broke up with her current boyfriend to be with him.These dreams are driving me absolutely insane! I think about his ex from time to time but as of recently I have not been so I don't understand where these dreams are coming from. Does anyone have any ideas?? She cheated on my boyfriend which is why they broke up and they barely every talk now and when they do it's usually fighting. So when in the waking life my boyfriend expresses so much hate for his ex, why do I keep dreaming that he still loves her?! Any ideas??
A: Even though he expresses hate for her, you know its because he once loved her and she hurt him so much. You know that if he didn't care at all about her then what she did wouldn't have mattered to him at all and he wouldn't care enough to even fight with her. So, even when you aren't thinking about it consciously, unconsciously you have some insecurities about the love they once shared and how it compares to what you guys have. I hope I'm not making you upset by saying this...its perfectly normal to be a bit jealous or insecure. In fact, there would be something wrong with you if you weren't! I'm sure hes ten times happier being with you than her, but, when he thinks about her or sees her all the hurt is still gonna come back. You can tell him about your dreams, not in a nagging way, but almost in a joking way. Then you can hear him tell you how much you don't ever have to worry about that happening, so that your dreams will start to diminish!

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