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What does it mean if i dreamed about a wolf

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Usually dreaming of a wolf represents a symbol of loyalty. A wolf in a dream can be interpreted as a parthfinder and may be MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-i-dreamed-about-a-wolf ]
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What does it mean to dream I'm a wolf?
Could be that a wolf symbolises a free wandering spirit ie the phrase lone wolf. Being in captivity could mean that you internally feel like a lone wolf but you are being forced to live a caged life and not feeling satisfied. Or maybe if yo...

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i dreamed of beautiful white wolf swimming in a tank last night, what does it mean?
Q: To be more specific, last night, i dreamed of going to a carnival or something and then won two broken-wings birds. When i brought them home and take care of them in a cup outside my yard, tomorrow morning one of the bird transform into a beautiful white wolf swimming in that same cup which has gotten bigger. So what does that dream means?Thank you so much for your sincere help. ^-^
A: It means that you were sleeping.
What does my dream about wolves mean?
Q: I hope someone can help me decipher a possible meaning of a dream I had recently. My partner was chasing a wolf through some woods and I kept telling him to hang back a bit but he got too close and was then eaten by the wolf. I then got chased by some more wolves and decided that rather than get eaten I'd commit suicide so I sliced my neck as all these wolves jumped on me. Does anyone know the symbolism behind this and if there's a significant reason why my partner was involved?
A: WolfTo see a wolf in your dream, symbolizes beauty, solitude, mystery, self-confidence and pride. It is also a symbol of survival... Negatively, the wolf represents hostility and aggression. It may reflect an uncontrollable force or situation in your life.Usually dreaming of a wolf represents a symbol of loyalty. A wolf in a dream can be interpreted as a parthfinder and may be pointing the way. A wolf can mean death or the animus, especially in fairy tales, in which it takes the form of a devouring desire to eat up everyone and everything. Sometimes wolf in a dream is symbol of things that are out to get us, wolf is usually just fear. Sometimes we may find ourselves a prisoner of such feelings. The wolf as is suggested by such fairy stories as Red Riding Hood, also represents the female fear of powerful male sexuality, repressed sexuality or anger, emotions and drives you are frightened of.To dream that you kill a wolf, indicates betrayal and secrets being revealed. NeckTo see your neck in your dream, signifies the relationship between the mind/mental and the body/physical. It represents willpower, self-restriction and your need to control your feelings and keep them in check. Consider the familiar phrase, "don't stick your neck out" which serves as a warning against a situation.To dream that your neck is injured or sore, indicates a separation between your heart and mind. Alternatively, it could represent something or someone is literally a pain in the neck.Seeing as you're gay (right?) it's interesting that "animus" is mentioned. It's the masculine inside the feminine (technically, the masculine part of a woman, but I'm sure you understand the analogy -it's also the analogy of a male wolf dressing up in grandmother's clothes, not crossdressing, something deeper). And he's chasing this (perhaps another man?). He succumbs to the wolf, you kill yourself, rather than be eaten.
What does it mean to see a wolf cub in your dreams?
Q: I had a dream where I was hiking on the mountains with my teacher and we came across about 10 wolf cubs. All of them were playful and friendly. Then out of nowhere I appear in my bedroom with one of the wolf cubs. S/he was very playful like a puppy. What does this dream mean? BTW I have a dog.
A: hiking with my teacher = showing ability, looking for supportwolf cubs = social animal, social life, things you feel you need to be taken care ofbedroom = privacyThis dream may seem complicated, but it is clear that is about two thing, privacy and social life. At first, you project hiking with your teacher, that in translation, you may be seeking for support or some appreciation in reality. The wolf cubs you projected basically reflect some social life you are in, You projected one of them to be in your bedroom. That may be related to some privacy issue. In translation, you may be feeling the need for others to know you deeply, understand and care you more in depth.Putting them together, you are seeking for support, others to notice, and the cub on your bedroom basically is a reflection the need for caring, the need for love and also needs for respect.Playing like a puppy basically reflects friendship or your social life.Examine your life, and see if that is what you are feeling right now.

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