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What does cutting yourself do

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Cutting is very dangerous. It can result in deep cuts needing stitches, infection, or worse, the piercing of a vein and even death [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-cutting-yourself-do ]
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What does cutting yourself do?
Endorphins. It's like a pain killer your body makes. The way I understand cutting is it just helps the person feel better. It turns that emotional pain into physical pain. You know when you fall and it hurts then a few seconds later it feel...
How to Stop Cutting Yourself
・ 1 Talk about your problem. Anyone with a secret like cutting will say that admission is the hardest part... ・ 2 Find out why you cut yourself. Typically, people begin cutting because they're reacting to something... ・ 3 Reach out for help...
What is Work? Cutting Yourself Free With Heart
In previous posts, we've met people who have created their jobs by pursuing professional passion.In today's post, we'll meet Jen Consalvo, a woman who left her job to pursue her dream career.Ditching a steady paycheck takes guts in an unsur...

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does cutting yourself give you an adrenaline rush?
Q: does cutting yourself give you a rush of adrenaline?
A: yes because thats what adrenaline is used for.there are other ways to get ARs if you want them. adrenline rushes are the feelings you get when you feel like theres liquid running through your body and you get all tense and your heart races.
Why does cutting yourself make you feel better?
Q: why does cutting urself make u feel better? i know it does feel good, but...why???note to ignorant people: cutting doesnt mean on the wrists. it can be on ur legs and abdomen, too. plus, cutting doesnt mean "EMO!" it can mean much more than a fad.
A: Because all the pain they have mentally will be turned into physical pain which is easier to handle.
What does it mean when you dream about cutting yourself on the arms but black blood is coming out not red?
Q: recently, I had a dream where I was cutting my arms with those sharp things that could easy cut a piece of paper. There were like 7 lines and instead of red blood it was black. When I woke up~ then I realized the blood being black was weird and could mean something~ what do you think?
A: It means you are doing some kind of harm to yourself in real life, it may be caused by an self-destructive outlook. Blood is normally a sign of secrecy which means you are hiding this dark thing away.

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