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What do you do when your so sad you want to die

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If you're feeling so sad that you want to die, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) right away to talk to someone who can help! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-when-your-so-sad-you-want-to-die ]
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Did you ever feel so sad you just wanted to die??
It's ok hunny this WILL pass. I can honestly say that i have felt this way before and it was on and off and sometimes it would last for a while. I understand what it feels like to be terribly unhappy. You can't rely on anyone to make you ha...
How can people be so sad about Michael Jackson's death yet want p...?
Double Standards. EVERYONE has them. And folks wonder why evil continues to fluorish. THIS is why. Folks excuse their 'heroes' of their sins. "You people need to realize that you can seperate the actions from the acheivments. One he wa...

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do you feel sad when someone you do or do not care about dies? why?
A: Anyone that I become aware of any reason of tragic or natural death, specially when I come to know about some stories of any individual, just naturally affects me.Even those of, to some people in their death rows. There are untold life's stories (behind their background) like that of a boy's mother committed suicide when he was a very young teener at 14, being abandoned and ignored as he grew up in a very cold discriminating world he lives. Always been alone specially when he was in so much pain and misery emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Until it took not so long that his heart turned so cold and numb of the life he's living then, that eventually made him commit a horrible crime at a young age still on his teens, by murdering and raping his neighbor, a young wife and strangled her crying little baby to death. While the father had been out of town at his work..I can feel the great sadness of each party..The anger of those affected..I can't help feeling sad about it in a moment. Then if ever something else that reminds of it so..It feels so sad to see or just simply to be aware of unfortunate deaths..Specially to younger people and children, it makes me tear at times..Even if I really don't know them at all. Strange but it seems that I'd just glanced for a minute in their life. Though the effect it makes can lasts more than a moment.Sometimes it becomes unforgettable..Thank you..
where do you go to get away from the world when your sad and want to die?
Q: where would you go when you feel like the only person in the world
A: mommy
Will you be really sad when your parents die?
Q: I can't tell you what I'll feel when it happens but the prospect of them dying doesn't make me sad at all. I have a bad with both of my parents and maybe that explains it. I love my little sisters more than them.I wasn't sad when my Grandmother died. She was the kindest, nicest person I ever met and I loved her and she loved me. I'm just a realist and now it was part of God's plan.
A: Thanks for sharing your hatred with us but WHY do you hate your parents?

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