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What do dreams about cats mean

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Dreaming of a cat is a generally unfortunate omen and it shows treachery as well as a run of bad luck. If you chase the cat..MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-dreams-about-cats-mean ]
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What does dreams of cats mean?
The dream doesn't mean a feminine or gay for this matter. It means that you are associated with few women, probably two and they are not the best for you. You could be a player where you sometimes see more than one a time and because of tha...
What do cats mean in a dream?
You have found the meaning of your dream in a big way by your own answer. You mention how you feel about seeing the cat - discovering the true feelings you are left with after a recalled dream is about 90% of the key to the meaning. Do cons...
What do biting cats mean in dreams?
For your case I can only give general interpretation, which applies to dreaming all sorts of cats. Read - Cats have both positive and negative connotations. You need to consider all of the details in the dream in order to obtain accurate in...

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what does my dreams about cats means?
Q: for a while i been having dreams were i alone.then out of nowhere a cat appears. and like every time they are near me. i pet them. when i pet, and hold them i feel a lot more relax,calm and even happy. what does this means?also i had other another dreams about cats. this one was different from my normal cat dreams. when i waslaying down relaxing with the cat. then all of a sudden i felt a warmfeeling. when i look around it was blood from the cat! this is the first dream i had like this. what does it mean?
A: Did one of your dreams have a cat running around with a tampon?
For the past 3 months, I've had several dreams about cats. What does that mean?
Q: Ok... I can't stop dreaming about cats. What do cat's stand for? There's usually between 3 to 12 cats in my dreams. And don't let the avatar fool you. I'm a woman. Oh and I do not own any cats.. But did when I was a teenager.The cat are usually around me in the dream just lounging around and I'm caring for all of them.Last thing. The cat's are all sorts of colors. Not one has stood out recently.
A: Dreaming about cats means that your femine/feline side is very strong. There is no question as to who and what you are. That goes for whether you would be male or female. We have to remember that even God had male/female qualities. Before anyone goes off on me, consider this....How could God make a man or woman if it wasn't already inside of Him somewhere? Now, I am not saying that God is gay because He isn't. I AM saying that He had it all in Him from the beginning. That's why He said, "let US make man in OUR image." And, oh yea, angels didn't have genitalia because God didn't make them to reproduce like He did humans. Use your feminine qualities, enjoy them and enjoy who you are!
What does it mean to dream about cats dying and coming back to life?
Q: i dreamed my grandmas grey persian cat died and then it come back to life and then i turned around and dreamed my dad killed my grandpa like seriously does these dreams all at once mean anything?? oh and about the cat thing i dreamed i was surrounded by thousands of dead grey persians??? what does this mean??? i never dreamed anything like this before.
A: Dreams often encode things so that you can't immediately recognize what they are. Really you're the only one who can interpret your own dream, but I'll try to help."Persian" may be a pun on "person"; the "grey persians" may well be "grey persons" - old people. Your "grandmas grey persian" may be grandma herself, and wouldn't it be nice if she would "come back to life"? You find yourself surrounded by "thousands of dead grey persians", which suggests that you're either troubled that persons near you have died recently, or worried that they will. Of course, if "grandmas grey persian" can "come back to life", then maybe the "thousands of grey persians" can, too.I don't know why "my dad killed my grandpa" in your dream. If grandpa is still around, it may be your dream's way of reassuring you that he isn't about to die, since it isn't possible that your dad would kill your grandpa, which makes your grandpa's death impossible. (Yay!)I believe what your dream means is that you miss your grandma and wish she would come back, that you're worried that your grandpa (and maybe others) will die, too. Your dream fulfills your wish that grandma return, and reassures you (in a creepy sort of way) that grandpa's not going anywhere, not if it takes something as impossible as patricide to lose him.

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