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What are the three perspectives of sociology

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Functionalism, Conflict Perspective, and Symbolic Interactionism are the three perspectives of sociology. ChaCha On! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-three-perspectives-of-sociology ]
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What is sociological perspective?
it is the view that looks at behavior of groups, not indviduals
How do you think the three sociological perspectives view cloning...?
With it, against it, don't care/don't know about it. I've known people who are with it because they see no harm. I see people against it for religious reasons and moral reasons, perhaps sometimes personal reasons. But mainly, I'm familiar w...
How can i relate the three main sociological perspectives to drug...?
I will provide a brief outline. Using the functionalist perspective explain how drug trafficking is "functional" to the social system or to particular groups within a system (focus on one single system like Columbia). What fun...

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Teen pregnancy and the three perspectives in sociology???
Q: I have a paper due for sociology and i have to explain teen pregnancy in a functionalist perspective a symbolic interactionist perspective and in a conflict perspective...i am having a hard time with this. does anyone know what are the functionalist, symbolic, and conflict perspectives for teen pregnancy???.... thanks so much in advance
A: I'll give a really (really) brief explanation:Structural functionalists:Teen pregnancy helps to create jobs in certain industries like healthcare education, family planning clinics, and others. It can create dramatic upswings in populations quickly. Symbolic interactionalists:One could look at teen pregnancy as an interpretation of symbols incorrectly. Many young women want to be perceived as older and more responsible. Therefore they may engage in higher risk behaviors like sexual intercourse. They might also not heed warnings from others about their risky behaviors. Conflict perspective:Teen pregnancies are more likely to involve poorer parents. Similarly parents are less likely to have higher paying jobs later due to familial obligations/splitting of a family unit. The result is a population that can be easily controlled from the rich (marxist train of thought). Similarly, teens may indeed want to be pregnant as a way to rebel against the oppressive forces of a different generation. This creates a conflict between these two groups. However, I like the marxist explanation a bit more.I hope that helps.
Three theoretical perspectives of sociology?
Q: I know they're conflict, interactionist, and functionalist perspective. I know that functionalist view society as a living organism with different components working together. But the other two [conflict, interactionist] just confuse me because they're so similar. Can someone help me out with a way to differentiate the two?
A: They are not really similar. Conflict perspective is derived from Marx's writings on class struggles. Unlike functionalists and symbolic interactionists who focus on the positive aspects of society that contribute to its stability, conflict theorists focus on the conflicts (not just economic) that develop and evolve in society. They challenge the status quo in society and encourage social change, because they believe that the rich and powerful impose the social order on the poor and weak. They study the conflict that exists between groups that are unequal, as they compete for scarce resources. The conflict perspective, like functionalist one, is a macro perspective. Symbolic interationism is more of a micro perspective. it focuses on the meanings people attach to symbols and how people's subjective interpretations of these symbols influences their actions. Conversation between people is seen as an interaction of symbols. So, if a sociologist were to study why people who grow up in a ghetto may have a harder time getting a job as a salesperson in a middle class neighborhood, a conflict perspective would lead the sociologist to focus on socioeconomic and racial conflict in our society as factors. On the other hand, interactionist perspective would look at factors such as how the job applicants presented themselves, their body language and other symbolic details that can be interpreted differently by the applicant and the employer.
Domestic violence & three perspectives in sociology: functionalist, symbolic interactionist & conflict. help!?
Q: I have a paper due in my Sociology: Intro to Criminology class that has to due with domestic violence. I'm fine with that, but we have to relate it to three perspectives and talk about how it is socially significant, using one of those perspectives. HELP me please. I understand the three perspectives but I can't wrap my mind around D.V. and the perspectives combined.
A: Not one of those sociological perspectives has a " duke " of an idea about the reality of domestic violence. For instance; the social conflict " theory ' might say that domestic violence was due to the " power struggle " between the " genders ", due to improper gender socialization. Incoherent, when we have an evolutionary perspective on human behavior that is well supported empirical. Sociology can not explain one mechanism of the behaviors they posit, as they always fall back on the " holy trinity "; learning, culture and society. Remember, something that explains everything, explains nothing. Start by reading Darwin.

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