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What are blind Peoples dreams like

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Yes, blind people do dream. What they see in their dreams depends on how much they could ever see. If someone has...MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-blind-peoples-dreams-like ]
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What do blind peoples dreams look like?
blind people can probably only hear voices in their dreams or blurry images if they are not completely blind.
Can blind people see things in their dreams like we do??
It appears to be a mixed bag on that one. A good link on it I found...
Do blind people dream like people who can see?
People who’ve never had visual experience don’t have a visual component to their dreams. Otherwise, their dreaming is a lot like that of sighted people. The sensory experiences that are important to their waking lives also play a large role...

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Do people who are blind have dreams in color or dreams at all?
Q: i was watching "Ray" on tv and i was just curious to know if blind people dream or if there dreams are in color or black and white because if they cant see how do they know what there dreaming of?im sure they do but how are you sure i have no idea you cant say "yes they do" without a reason
A: I am blind and yes, I dream in colour. Very vividly, in fact. Please also keep in mind that a person can be blind while still having some vision. There are many different types and degrees of blindness. I am legally blind, but you would never know it to look at me. Kudos to the original poster for having the courage to ask such a question.
How do Blind People Dream dreams?
Q: I just saw this closed question and I wanted to answer it.Blind people do dream.....There are 5 senses by which we are given to experience.Experience is the key to dreams. If there is no experience, there is no dream. Such a person, without thought is given to death.Only the dead cannot experience. If taht experience requires a thought, or a thought is subject to memory, there are dreams.Just because a person is blind, does not mean that they experience nothing. It will be the other senses which offer experience to think on.your sister,Ginger,((dream interpreter))Yes! I am a dream interpreter and have been doing so for over 20 years.I am a Christian.
A: I've heard people born blind dream colors and shapes accompanied with sound and touch. My friend who went blind in her childhood says she dreams like the rest of us and uses the mental pictures of what her friends of family look like to her touch in her dreams. Cool huh, how by touching my face she can make a mental picture of me.
blind peoples dreams?
Q: what do people that were blind from birth dream about??? eh?
A: well, like you and me, they can have dreams and imagine a world of what you would see in a book or a fantasy movie, because they wouldn't have actually have seen what it really looks like, what every they imagen. There is some guy who has never seen but is a great finger painter and pants pictures that what most people think only the people who can see paint. So, its not true that they don't dream or don't see in color or other nonsense like that. Because of that man, it proves you don't need eyes to see things in your head.

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