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Is it bad to cry

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Research shows that people who cry in response to stress, pain, or emotion are generally healthier than those who don't. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-bad-to-cry ]
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Is it bad for you to cry?
It is NOT bad to cry. Crying helps your body release emotion and stress. I went through the same type of thing. When I was thirteen, I suddenly was more emotional that I had ever been. Right now you're experiencing things that are completel...
Is it bad not to cry?
The people that are able to stop them self from crying may do it because they don't want to show their emotions and that isn't healthy. If you cry, it makes you feel refreshed. When I try holding back my tears, it makes me feel horrible. We...
Do braces hurt so bad you want to cry?
At times, yes. After you get them on, off, or tightened they get sore. Sometimes when they're sore and you accidentally hit them together when you're talking or eating it hurts really bad. Retainers don't feel great if you miss some time in...

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Is it bad to cry and argue with your husband during your few weeks of pregnancy?
Q: I have been argueing with my husband and he been makeing me cry alot...is it bad?
A: Did you also tell him the ordeal you had at the store regarding the pricing for a white doll and a black doll too. This lady has the nerve to complain and state that it is discrimination that a black doll is cheaper than the white one. It was a $2 difference and she states it is discrimination. Just pathetic.
Is it bad to cry over something like this?
Q: Well i got my heart broken and im only 15 and i really really like him and he said some pretty fucked up shit on myspace and tomorrow if i see him i might cry and wont be able to hold it in....is it a bad thing? I mean him and his friends might think im a cry baby or something isnt crying a sign o fweakness?
A: tears cleanse the soul, even the strongest man cries and to have a 15 year old girl cry because some jerk broke her heart isn't a sign of weakness (even if he doesn't deserve your tears) you can try to avoid him but if you cant and others see you crying maybe it will let everyone know what a jerk he is, don't worry about what he thinks and what his friends think, they're jerks and not worth it
Is it normal to cry during a bad asthma attack?
Q: Whenever I have a bad asthma attack, and my medicine (inhaler or nebulizer) isn't working, I start crying. Sometimes the attack is painful and other times just frustrating b/c the medicine doesn't work and I know what path I may take...I'm 28 years old and feel like I should have a better handle on it, but I always end up crying if it's bad and nothing is working. But does this happen to anyone else? Is it normal to cry during a bad attack?
A: yes, happens to me too

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