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Is dejavu real

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A physiological explanation of the déjà vu phenomenon may exist. The optical and neural paths from the two eyes may be MORE?? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-dejavu-real ]
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What does this mean??? and is Dejavu real?
Do you want a stupid answer or a clever one? Ohhhhh I will give you both :-P Stupid- Its a glitch in the Matrix Clever- Deja Vu occurs when your eyes so not work together. Usually your eyes see images at the same time and sends the images ...
What is dejavu, is it real or fake and why do people experience t...?
Déjà vu From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Deja vu) Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Déjà vu (disambiguation). This article may contain original research or unverified claims. Please improve the article by...
Is this dejavu? i dont belive in supernatural but this feels real...?
what the exact nature of the universe is, and being a 'human' is still a very open question as far as i'm concerned. so it's impossible to say for sure what is going on with these very unusual situations. i would suggest that there is some ...

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i have Dejavu alot...about 3 times daily...what does this mean??? and is Dejavu real?
Q: i just had a Dejavu about 20 minutes ago...im soo confused about this Dejavu thing...
A: Do you want a stupid answer or a clever one?Ohhhhh I will give you both :-PStupid- Its a glitch in the MatrixClever- Deja Vu occurs when your eyes so not work together. Usually your eyes see images at the same time and sends the images to the brain. Every now and again one eye will work slightly behind the other one sending visual impulses to your brain independently thus your brain receiving the same image twice making you think you have seen something before!! You have, but it was less than a second ago!!
Is experiencing dejavu from your dreams into real life a form of clairvoyancy?
Q: Over the course of my life, I have had a handful of dreams that invariably have come true a metter of weeks later. It could be something as simple as saying a phrase to someone, to something as detailed as a sequence of events that happened as literally and as vividly as I experienced them in the dream. What does this mean? Do I have some form of clairvoyancy or does this happen to everyone? When I have told friends or other people about this, most of them say they have never experienced anything like that before. Sometimes its a little scary to me that it can be both so real and exacting in detail. Can someone please explain how this can happen in a sincere and non belittling way? Who knows, maybe it's happened to some of you out there. Nice to know you're not alone in the world sometimes.
A: Clairvoyancy is receiving images while conscious. Receiving dreams that come true later on is precognitive meaning "pre-knowing", knowing something beforehand.Maybe you are just more intuitive than the average person. What you can do to be more aware of what is going on with yourself, make a habit of keeping a dream journal. To make it more enjoyable, just only write down dreams that seem interesting to you or have had the most impact feeling-wise.Most of the time, we wake up immediately after the dream ends like in the middle of the night, I jot down keywords about the dream. Then in the morning when I wake up, I write out the summary of the dream using the keywords to help me remember it. I try to best interpret it. I also use "The Dream Book" by Betty Bethards, that one I give 5 stars!I've been doing this for over five years and have seen tremendous improvement in understanding dreams and have had greater progress in developing my intuitive abilities. Now I have them when I am wake. Images will come to me while I am awake. That is clairvoyancy.When you pay attention to what is going on and work on learning who you are, you can be on a very interesting journey within. So go with it and see where it leads you!
Is Dejavu real? I feel like I have experienced Dejavu about 12 times in my life.?
A: Yes, it's real. I have it sometimes myself. I think it's a recent current life experience that didn't go the way it should the first time so it's a re-do.

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