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How do you move on from heartache

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Try to examine what is really broken in your heart. What does a person take from your heart when you believe they are never MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-move-on-from-heartache ]
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How do i move on from heartache?
It is very hard isn't it? I have the same problem and I seem to hav the worst luck with men. They always lie to me and end up hurting me. I know exactly how you feel. But you cannot think about her being happy. She is going to continue liv...
I cannot bear the heartache. How do I move on?
if yu really love her so much then try to meet her again and say sorry or accept your mistake if you had one. Take the help of your/her friend relative to bring you two together again. There is no harm in trying out so go ahead take this st...
Whose prognosis moved Heartbreak Kenny?
It now appears that the medical advice providing the pretext for the release of  al-Megrahi is suspect. This from The Scotsman: JUSTICE secretary Kenny MacAskill was last night under pressure to reveal more details of the medical evidence...

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How do i move on from heartache?
Q: How do I move on? My Ex cheated on me a few times I ended it and have decided to just move on i dont answer her emails any more or her ims i dont know why she want to talk to me?. it just kills me to know she is with someone else, knowing what she did to me. im tired of finding girls who are childish. where can i find someone who is more mature.
A: It is very hard isn't it? I have the same problem and I seem to hav the worst luck with men. They always lie to me and end up hurting me. I know exactly how you feel. But you cannot think about her being happy. She is going to continue living life and if there is one thing that you can take from her, live life too! Go out, have fun, do things that bring you peace of mind. I don't want to tell you to meet new girls. Some are ready sooner than others. Just take your time and heal before you jump into a new relationship. And when you find that special someone, it will be better for you and her! And guess what? Your ex will come calling when you least suspect it.Dont fall for the trap
How to move on from heartache when boyfriend cheated more than once, lied and then blamed me after 5yrs??
Q: We had relationship issues but never would I have cheated, loved him too much and now he has chosen the one he cheated w/h over me. Told me it was no mistake bc it happened more than once. He showed no remorse, didn't ask for forgiveness assumed I wouldnt. Now I'm left with the heartache bc I didn't see it coming and I'll never know if he was lying about how much he truly loved me the entire time but said he still loves me. What to do?? Was it just an attempt to end the relationship or am I naive for thinking more of him? I know I need to move on but I am so hurt by this???
A: my god! it does happen to others...I'm going through this myself, it is quite a blow to you're whole being isn't it. well my dear, the only thing i can say, that i have been doing, i erased him from my computer, my blackberry, everything,then i scheduled a spa day. its amazing how uplifting a sauna and massage can make you feel, then i started occupying my spare time with good friends and just putting myself out there in the world, it is a day by day thing to deal with, and man did i ever feel like i was just horrid. but once a cheater....walk away from this toxic relationship PDQ! save you're dignity and you're heart. you are worth so much more than you have just been given. it sounds so cliche that tI'me heals all wounds. but i am finding out that in the past month that i left my ex,im feeling better about, this is a deeper blow because it was such an immense violation. try not to always look for the answers right now, start focusing on you first. it will all fall into place, you will move on, you will love again, you will be stronger. i wish you the best of luck, if you ever need to vent, i would"listen" love, hugs, and moochies.
What are some good songs about moving on from heartache and splitting up?
Q: I just ended a friendship, I was also in love with this friend and got rejected. i could use some song recommendations about moving forward and mending a heart.
A: picture to burn- taylor swift :)

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