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How do you break an obsession

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It depends on what the obsession is.More likely than not, stopping any and all contact with the object can help heal the obsession [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-break-an-obsession ]
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How can we break this obsession.
Simple, you basically answered your own question when you said She makes You. You should make Her stop begging and You should take the ball away from Her until She behaves and You decide You want to play. Turn Your back on Her and walk away...
What is with the Point Break obsession?
SP Point Break , along with Bad Boys 2 , is kind of the essential over the top bad action movie. Very different films and very unpretentious. Point Break is a really interesting film, because it is thoroughly enjoyable and it’s directed by ...
What is the nicest way to break up with a very obsessive and emot...?
I think you should tell him you need space, and if he still doesn't then you should break up with him. If he doesn't respect that you will need space sometimes then maybe you shouldn't be together =] If you are trying not to be harsh, maybe...

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How do I break out of an obsession?
Q: I can't get twilight out of my head, the book, the movie, now I'm just dying for my Edward to come along, which I know will never happen. Being obsessed is unhealthy, and I have no idea how to get Twilight out of my mind! I figured a few days would cool it.....it didn't work. What now?
A: Don't worry I have the same disorder. OCD. Obsessive Cullen disorder.
My kitten has an obsession with sucking on my neck and hair (yes it sounds wierd). How do I break that habit?
Q: got the cat at 6 wks old, cat is now like 14 wks old. only does it while I am asleep.
A: it wants to have sex with you and tryin to give you a littlr foreplay.
How can I break out of my obsession of viewing video clips of muscular legs ?
Q: I am sickly obsessed with looking at people with muscular legs. My obsession does arouse me and I masturbate while viewing such material. I would like to break free of this addiction. I have tried talking with a priest to acquire solutions for this problem. I have not seen a psychologist yet. I am single. Surely, it would help to have a girlfriend. What other solutions or tips can you propose ? Please do not suggest suicide as I am a Christian looking to save my soul ultimately.
A: It's an odd question but here's the answer. Just stay away from the material. Don't think about anything related to it and surround yourself with positive things.

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