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How do you become less self conscious

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To overcome self consciousness kill shame-inducing situations before they become a threat.Be on time.Stick to the facts.(more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-become-less-self-conscious ]
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People become self-conscious when they learn - are taught, I should say, - to feel inferior to others. Opinions of others, reports in the media - especially in "lifestyle" pages, television shows and magazines - all lead vulnerabl...
Do you worry that maybe you won't make the cut with the people who are supposed to be the closest to you? I think you need to worry less about what others think, for one. For another you shouldn't think so negatively about yourself and per...
Don't worry about what other people are telling you. You are you, and that won't change. Be yourself, and get comfortable with yourself, because you're going to be you for awhile. Don't bring yourself down. Like the other people said, other...

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How do I become less self conscious?
Q: How do I become less self conscious?I am REALLY ABNORMALLY self conscious. I have a mild clinical anxiety disorder. Even the smallest things can make me SUPER self conscious. For example, walking to my spot in a semi-full lecture hall can make my face go BRIGHT red. Please, any tips? (especially around the opposite sex)
A: Know that you are beautiful, you are who your are, and that is all that matters!
How to become less self-conscious???
Q: I used to be very very self conscious person, it always gave me troubles in friendships and social situations, I still am most of the time but I try not to be. Self consciosness can be good sometimes like for learning, but it kills the chemistry like when you are on a date or home alone with a girl. So are the "normal" people not self aware most of the time or all the time or what? What do you do when you realize that you become self conscious? I really don't want to be very self aware when I'm with people, it makes me and them feel uncomfortable...
A: i'm no psychiatrist but you just have to be confident about yourself and think about all the goods things about yourself not the bad!
How do I become less self conscious when I dance?
Q: I'm fine with my looks, but dancing and singing always has me feeling really self conscious! There is a school dance [informal] coming up, but I don't like dancing because I think I look like an idiot...I only feel so self conscious because last year this "friend" who turned out to be extremely desperate and manipulative told me every dance how bad I sucked at dancing haha.
A: Oh dear.I'm a singer, and i have to perform in front of tons of people quite often, and i'm still really self conciouse. I keep my eyes closed the whole time!But for dancing, i would say keep your eyes open, LOL. Just dance, have a good time. Nobody there will be a grade A dancer, they will all be self conscious too!:]

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