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How do I get mind powers

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The basic principle is that whatever your mind can imagine it can create. How does it do this? What your mind MORE? ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-mind-powers ]
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How can you get mind reading powers?
some twins can, go to www.wikihow.com
How do i get mind control powers?
Practice. First, you need iron control of your own mind. Next, you need to have very clear, well-defined thought. After that, practice projecting your thought on smaller minded beings like chickens, and finally, hope you don't run into a st...
Do I get also access to the Silva Mind Power Center??
When you purchased the Silva UltraMind Home Study Course, you also opted to get 1 Free month to access the Silva Mind Power Center membership area. This is an special offer we give to our Silva UltraMind customers as a token of gratitude fo...

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Are there any irrefutable evidence about mind powers?
Q: As far as I know, I think mind powers haven't been scientifically proved yet. And that all the claims are doubtful.What do you think?
A: There has been extensive research by the government, along with training of select people and use of the abilities for military purposes. It is done under controlled circumstances and those involved must sign paperwork to the effect of treason if they reveal almost any information. No, you will not find the information, any more than you would be able to access the latest weapon development plans.For the people who are able to access above normal mental abilities, the reproduction on demand in a "sterile" lab setting is counterproductive, due to the lack of ability of the subject to relax and pressure to preform. Often it is a lack of suficcient method that leads to inconclusive results.There is a medical explination for some of the heightened mental abilities. A particular gland in the brain, when it hyperfunctions, does have a tendancy to raise some of ones abilities, however it varies with each person as to the strength and which ability (ies). Again it makes it difficult to control in order to show conclusive proof.I am aware of one project that I am working with, in the control process of that combines U.S. and former USSR research along with some modifications for application that seems to be effective for people that have no prior heightened abilities. Unfortunately it will take years, if ever, until the information becomes available to the general public.I have reached the limit of what I am allowed to say, as for anything further, I cannot confirm or deny anything.EDIT: Gee, I like this group. All the thumbs down :-) , and not just on mine! You are too kind.Where do you think you would find "evidence"? Do you think the universities and other reputible organisations spend so much money when they do not show results to their financers? If someone were to show their abilities, how long do you think they would be walking the streets? Would they not be considered a threat to national security? Would they not be taken somewhere (Area 51, lol) and studied. Do not concern yourself with my rambling, what would I know anyway? I mean, someone who recieves a government paycheck, sitting here in the middle of the night, spreading conspiracy theories? I am probably just paranoid, bored or looking to find reactions to a book idea. Just because the USSR had full control over the programs throughout the east block and made progress with their program by collecting the info received from all different research facilities and combining them in a central place, that does not mean the U.S. government would do somthing similar. We are a democracy and have free rights. Besides the government even claims that although they did research in the past, they found no conclusive evidence. They always tell us the truth about everything. They would not hide such a program, expecially mostly out in the open where everyone could see it. As I said, what do I know? H*ll, I probably do not exist either. :-)
Looking for the name of a japanese horror film w/ little boy, mind powers, kills mom lover 80's?
Q: Boy has mind powers, kills mom lovers, came on channel 13 in the 80's. May end in du jo cu ju something like that
A: its ju on and a japanese movie....if you r luking 4 its english version, the name is grudge, and the grudge has also got sequels. even ju on has got sequels....
Why most people don't believe in mind powers?
Q: I think I read somewhere that most people use only 1% of their mind and that the remaining 99% is buried( In our subconsciousness, I think). And that with practice you can awaken those buried mind powers.I really don't know wether it is true or mere nonsense. What do you think?As for mind powers, I mean mind powers that go beyond the ordinary or normal
A: First, on the 1% question. The statement is usually formulated: "We only use 10% of our brains. How would it be if we could use 100% of our brains?" The 1% statement is a corruption of that. The fact is, whether 1% or 10%, the statement is false (with a little research on the web you can find its origins). Various brain imaging technology shows that we use essentially 100% or our brains all the time, even when we are asleep. Roughly 50% of it alone is dedicated to visual processing, and a big chunk more is committed to processing other sensory modalities. So you see that the 10% claim can't possibly be true, much less the 1% claim. Where the question arises is _how_ we choose to _use_ our brains. But that is altogether another question, LOL.Next, on the question of belief in extraordinary "mind powers" (I presume you mean things like ESP and PK?). Leaving aside for the moment the question of whether or not such things exist, the fact is that most people DO believe in "mind powers." National polls on the extent of belief in the existence of various paranormal phenomenon, especially ESP and such, show that consistently at least 60% of the general population does believe in such things. The number has been declining in recent decades, but is still a majority.Finally, do such powers exist? Despite many of the answers you have received to this question, the answer is yes. There is a large and growing body of well-supported evidence that humans possess what commonly are called extra-sensory perceptual abilities. The best evidence is rigorously scientific, and (like most science research) it sometimes takes some effort to read through the papers that document it. But it is worth looking into, so I have included some internet references below.

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