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Does anxiety make you go crazy

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Yes, in some severe cases, Anxiety can cause the mind to panic, and irritation behavior can follow. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-anxiety-make-you-go-crazy ]
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Can anxiety make you go crazy
It can make someone very unhappy and lead to serious problems. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It helps a person deal with tense situations. It can lead to physical symptoms as well (headaches, stomach pains...). You might have an a...
Can anxiety medicine mess up your head and make you go crazy??
It seems as if this girl had been reading all the scare stories that abound in the Internet. Any medication has side effects as it does not specifically target certain cells in the body. Some people will report having hallucinations or ting...
Did Menopause Make You Feel You Were Going Crazy? Will The Anxiet...?
First of all you should make an appointment with your doctor. He/she may want to put you on a mild hormone to help with these feelings of anxiety. You also may have mild depression. Make a list of all your symptoms and talk with your docto...

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My anxiety is unstoppable, why does it have to make me crazy?
Q: In the absence of evidence, I can usually divine a reason which is decidedly negative. In the last few weeks:1) I started a new job. I thought things were going well. We even going out to lunch together in my first week. Later, I noticed they were going without asking me. Of course, I will say nothing, because the anxiety will only get worse.2) On Friday, I called about an apartment. I talked to the husband. I thought it well talking about the apartment in general, he asked for my # and said his wife would call me back. I didn't hear anything, so I called back Monday. The machine answered, I left a message. Nobody ever called me back. Why would they reject me before I got started?There may be innocent reasons for what I describe, but it sure looks like rejection to me. Anxiety is the gift that keeps on giving.
A: I have both social anxiety disorder and a generalized anxiety disorder. I too get stuck in the way I perceive a situation, endlessly replaying an interaction in my head and trashing myself for my mistakes. If I had just started a new job and was looking for an apartment, it would be worse. So, try turning these situations around. Maybe your fellow workers are waiting to see if you are interested in joining them, which means you have to get up the courage to ask. Maybe the apartment already got sold, so no need to return your calls, so time to look for another one. I ended up seeing a therapist who helps me through this process of dealing with life's situations.
What are some common symtoms and panic and anxiety and can someone go crazy from this?
Q: I've recently been having anxiety and panic problems...it's been getting worse, and I cant control it. I'm not very stressed its just somthing that spontaneously comes on. I've seen my doctor for this and i've already taken some tests for other possible diseases. My doctor thinks I could have an overactive thyroid, which is causing me to have anxiety like symtoms.....Somtimes it feels like I might loose control or go crazy....What are some common side affects of anxiety and panic attack and can someone go crazy from the amount of stress and anxiety or any of the symtoms it causes?
Does having social anxiety make a person crazy?

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