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Does a psychologist or a psychiatrist prescribe medicine

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A psychiatrist is an MD and can write prescriptions; a psychologist has a PhD and cannot write meds. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-a-psychologist-or-a-psychiatrist-prescribe-medicine ]
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Do Masters level clinicians or psychologists have the autority to...?
If you are looking to receive both talk and drug therapies, it'd be best to see a psychologist (a phD or PsyD) or a master's level counselor (MA or MS) who will do the talk therapy with you and can refer you to a psychiatrist (MD) for drugs...
Do I need a medical prescription to visit the psychiatrist? And h...?
The psychiatrist is a doctor and therefore there is no need for a medical prescription. However, you will need a medical prescription to consult the psychologist.
How Will Psychologists Practicing Medicine Affect Psychiatry??
Well said! First off, while there is a scintilla of truth to the article PH posted, it's mostly psychiatric puffery. While we have an assload of medical training, how much of that training do we use on a continual basis? This is debatabl...

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Besides the ability to prescribe medicine, what is the difference between a psychologist & a psychiatrist?
A: As you already know, a psychiatrist prescribes medication. They are trained in medicine (diagnosis and pharmacological treatment). They are like any other doctor. They see patients, listen for a little bit, write prescriptions, and then send the patient on his/her way. Most psychiatrists do not do therapy as they are not usually trained in psychological theory. I haven't met the best psychiatrists. The psychiatrists I've known have been arrogant, yet not too bright. They made up their own diagnoses and never valued the rest of the treatment teams opinion. A psychologist is either a PhD or PsyD who is trained in psychological theory (causes of mental illness, human development, schools of thought, statistics/research, etc), diagnosis (diagnosing by interview, psychological test administration and interpretation), and treatment (cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic theories, family therapy, health psychology, etc). So, psychologists do consulting, therapy, testing, research, and more. Most psychologists cannot prescribe medications. There are a couple of states that have a shortage of psychiatrists. In these states, psychologists can train to receive prescribing privileges.
What is the breakdown between Psychiatrist and Psychologist?
Q: I know psychiatrists can prescribe medicine, but how is the school different? I know psychiatrist follow the course of any doctor and go through med school. In detail, what does a psychologist have to do?
A: psychiatrists go to med school and then do a 3 year residency after that. psychologists go to graduate school for a phd in clinical psychology. psychiatrists typically do counseling and therapy through non-medication treatments. patients are then referred to psychiatrists for medication treatment. however, in the past psychiatrists and psychologists have had very different roles when it came to medication prescribing but now many states now allow psychologists to prescribe medications. graduate programs for clinical psychology are starting to involve the medication aspect of the field. so, in summary, the roles of the two professions are beginning to merge.
Difference between Psychologist and Psychiatrist???Help please:)))?
Q: Hey guys:) ok, so i was wondering what the difference is between a psychologist and psychiatrist. i know that a psychiatrist can prescribe medicine and psychologist can't. but i wanted a little more info about how much more they r different. also i wanted to know which one of the two is more "popular", by that i mean which one makes more money and also which one would i be more satisfied being.You see, i want to be the person who sits with their patient, and just listents to them talk about their problems, and i don't want to prescribe medicine. but i'm a little afraid that i won't have any patients. because for example, if i was depressed i wouldn't want to go talk all about it with someone...i would wanna stay home and do nothing. haha. i hope u guys get what i'm trying to say...oh yea, one more question:) how much do u think this will have changed by the time i'm qualified to work as one of these??? (i'm gonna be a freshman in high school next year)
A: There is a lot more study to becoming a Psychiatrist and they deal with a lot more than depressed people. They deal with illnesses such as bipolar and schitzophrenia. They also get paid a great deal more.Psychologists deal more with getting people to see a different perspective and someone to listen to their problems.

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