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Do you always dream when you sleep

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Most people over the age of 10 dream at least 4 to 6 times per night during a stage of sleep called REM. ChaCha!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-always-dream-when-you-sleep ]
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Do we always have a dream in our sleep??
Most of us have several dreams every night, but just don't remember them. Sometimes people in ill health or with a sleep disorder lose their ability to dream, though. Some medications can interfere with the sleep process... A disorder such ...
Do you always dream when you sleep at night?
I do pretty much dream all night long. Very vividly and in color. I can also change the dream sometimes if I don't like the way it is going. +5
Why I always dream my grandma while in sleep?
If you were close to your grandma, it's most likely that you miss her. All you have of her now is pictures, what she left behind for you and memories. Maybe you just miss the good times you had with her and your subconcsious is thinking abo...

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Sometimes when I sleep always dream I stepping on pool of dog manure. So I wandering what that means?
A: Feces of any kind in dreams means U are dealing with some emotional Issue that shapes who you are ....many times a deeply hidden issue.....try writing the dreams down and U will see paterns emerge
when i sleep i dream always so what can i do to have rest sleep?
A: Unfortunately, you can't avoid dreams. It is up to you what kind of dream you want; nightmare, romantic, etc. Me myself I don't dream at all. My sleep goes straight ahead or maybe I didn't notice that I dreamt. Anyway, your emotions form dreams. Or how about this, when people force themself to sleep they have dreams because the last thought they had in their mind, before they fell into sleep, will be continued differently in the mind as a dream. People who are sooooo tired, groggy, and dying to sleep, that once they fall asleep they wouldn't dream of anything because the last though that was in their mind was just sleep. So eventually no dreams took place. Now, I'm not sure about this theory, but you may try. I do this all the time. It works 70% the way I want it.
Why do I always have bad dreams/nightmares when I sleep facing any window of any room i sleep in?
Q: Why is it that when I face any window of any room while sleeping, I always have bad dreams? I just dont understand. Can anyone expain to me what could be the cause. I cant figure it out myself.
A: I noticed when I do the same I have dreams of people looking in or someone watching me. Maybe I think of it as I am vulnerable and I always end up having nightmares b/c of it. I also have problems when any door is open too.Put your bed as far away from the windows as possible and get some curtains and shut them before you go to bed. I eventually found out sleeping close to the wall helped me.

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