Where is Notre Dame Football: No Longer an Elite BCS School

by on September 29th, 2014
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Notre Dame’s football season is over. There is no other way to put it. In a game that Notre Dame should have won going away, they instead give up 28 points in the fourth quarter to the Michigan Wolverines and lost the game 35-31. The worst part about this game is that they took the lead with thirty seconds to go and had Michigan on their own twenty yard line. Michigan drove the ball 80 yards down the field in 28 seconds. Yes that is what I said, 28 seconds.

You can blame the coaches but the players have to shoulder the blame also. You could have the dumbest coach in the world and there should be no scheme that he can call that would allow a team to drive 80 yards in 28 seconds.

This was an even worse than last week. This team continues to make errors on offense and miss assignments on defense. This team is not an enjoyable team to watch. It is bad football to say the least. Notre Dame football is headed the way of Harvard Football.

Just when you think they are returning to glory, something like this happens. Notre Dame is no longer an elite team and no longer deserves to play among the elite. This atmosphere is not conducive to playing big time football. Notre Dame is what people like me watch for the pure student-athlete, but Notre Dame will never rule again in college football.

Where is Notre Dame football. It has gone by the wayside. It has been passed up by the SEC, Michigan, OSU and now Michigan. Michigan has beaten ND like a drum and no longer fears ND. No longer is it a given that ND will beat Boston College or Navy or any team for that matter. No win is a given for them.

The epitaph has been written for ND football and it says: “Here lies a team that dominated the 20 th century, but once everyone caught up, it just tried to live off the old days and became a has-been”.

ND may win again, they may win next year or the year after, but they will never have a dominant stretch like last century.

Notre Dame, I am going to miss you as a college football powerhouse, the early 90’s was a lot of fun. Notre Dame is now a girls basketball school. Go Skylar Diggins.

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