What is the Difference Between Googlebar and Google Toolbar?

by on October 8th, 2014
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Through the years, Google has offered the internet community with so many tools that improved web searching and various online activities. Google has been leading in innovations. For the browsing experience of users, the googlebar and Google Toolbar were created to offer the functionality of Google web search in a browser. With these two, there’s no need to visit the Google homepage to use the search and other functions.

With these tools, searching has become easier with available suggestions, it’s possible to store bookmarks and sharing web pages right from the browser window. Although googlebar and Google Toolbar are similarly very useful, there are some prominent differences.

Googlebar was created as an open source application so that utilities available for Internet Explorer with the Google Toolbar would also be available to users of Netscape and Mozilla Firefox. While the designs of the googlebar and Google Toolbar looked a little different, the functionality is quite the same. Both provide the Google tools into a browser application.

Google Toolbar offers the auto fill capabilities over googlebar. While Google Toolbar had adapted quite well to Mozilla Firefox, it still doesn’t function with Netscape Navigator. To enable this functionality, the googlebar is needed for Netscape Navigator.

Another difference is with the people who made the two tools. Googlebar was built by the same group of developers who made the Firefox browser. Google Toolbar was created by Google’s own team of developers. With the release of Mozilla Firefox, the Google Toolbar has been enhanced to work as a toolbar in the Firefox browser. This made the officially supported toolbar the most widely downloaded application. With the Google Toolbar’s improvement and widespread popularity, the growth of googlebar has slowed. Although the “what’s new” section of googlebar website hasn’t been updated since 206, the last release for googlebar installed for Firefox 1.5 will still function well.

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