What is Life- it is Maths and Calculations

by on September 15th, 2010
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Mathematics is about numbers and like maths your life is actually a calculation. There are lots of plus and minus in your life and also division and multiplication. The number that finally comes out is the marks for your life. If you get a distinction, then you are leading a valuable life, you get an average mark, then it means you have lots of improvement to do in your life. If it is minus mark you get, then your life is worthless and there should be a complete change over from you.

The plus (+) of your life

· You have a good family life. · You have good friendly relationship with your neighbors. · You are able to think and act positively. · You are work efficient. · You have self esteem. · You thank god for your success. · You manage your time. · You are well groomed. · You apologize for the mistake you do. · You love your pets. · You get up early in the morning.

The minus (_) of your life.

· You crib about your problems. · You backbite about your colleagues. · You do not get up early in the morning. · You are always late to your work. · You do not appreciate your children and your spouse. · You do not have the urge to spend quality time with your family. · There is no ‘me time’ in your day to day life. · You do not relish your food. · You are obese and do not exercise. · You always blame fate for your lack of success.

The division in your life.

· Sharing your sorrow and feeling relieved. · Sharing of household chores and giving rest to your spouse. · Divide the loan amount and share the burden of repayment along with your spouse. · Share your enjoyment with your family. · Sharing fun time with friends. · Share your knowledge with others.

Multiplication of your life.

· When you respect and care for your parents, the happiness they feel multiplies your blessing · When you are relentless in your hard work, your success also multiplies. · When you are able to invest your money properly, it multiplies. · When you do charity, god multiplies his blessings. · When you love and cherish your family, the happiness in you multiplies. · Negatively, when you do wrong your sin also multiplies. · When you are able to appreciate your children for their talent, their talent multiplies.

So, you can see that ‘life is after all maths’. When you are a good human being, the ‘ratio’ of your blessings gets multiplied. When your divide your sorrow, it becomes just a ‘fraction’ of what it really was. Like in maths, when everything is properly calculated the result is always right, so also in your life do your work with precision and the result is before you to see.

When you do your life calculations wrong, you might verify and analyze several times, but the result will always be erroneous. So add up your hard work, minus your drawbacks, divide your problems, multiply your blessing and your calculation gets a perfect hundred.

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