Tips for Cheap and Perfect DIY Manicure

by on July 26th, 2010
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During the time it takes to watch a favorite weekly TV sitcom, you can give yourself a manicure. A DIY manicure is easy, quick, cheap and the results will be perfect when you use these tips.

Do the Prep Work

You don’t need pricey nail products for a DIY manicure, you probably have what is needed on hand in the bathroom or kitchen. Use facial scrub to exfoliate hands, body moisturize to soften and moisturize hands and eye cream will double as cuticle cream.

If you don’t have those products, grab the bottle of olive oil from the kitchen to dip nails in and smooth into hands. The one thing not to grab from the kitchen is dish soap. A soak in soapy water will dry the nails and make them (and cuticles) brittle.

While the moisturizing product(s) is soaking into hands and nails, disinfect all manicure utensils by saturating a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and swiping it across the business end of each utensil.

Clean and Shape Nails

After moisturizer has been applied, shape cuticles by gently pushing them back with an orangewood stick (or similar shaping tool) Never clip, tear of bite the cuticles, it will open up the nail bed to germs and infections.

Clean the underside of the nail with a stiff-bristled brush and/or the tip of a nail file. Shape the nails with a nail file. Never use a back and forth motion with the nail file, go in the same direction with the file. Don’t remove the sides of the nails, that is where the nail strength lies. Leave the sides straight and shape a slight curve along nail tip.

Apply Nail Polish

Before applying nail polish, remove all traces of moisturizer from the nails with acetone polish remover. Rinse nails in cool water and dry thoroughly.

Apply a base coat to clean, dry nails. Apply a thin coat down the middle of the nail, followed by a thin coat on each side. Allow base coat to dry for two minutes.

Choose a nail color that is neutral. Streaks and chips will be less noticeable and lighter shades of nail polish makes fingers look longer. Apply in the same manner as the base coat, building to the desired shade with thin layer upon thin layer, allowing each coat of polish to dry between layers. Finish manicure with a clear top coat, sweeping the brush under the finger nail and along the outer nail edge.

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