The Importance of Online Reviews for Travelers

by on November 26th, 2010
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People travel for various reasons. They travel for their jobs, recreation and personal reasons. Online reviews can be very valuable to the traveler. This article examines why online travel reviews about travel are so important for the traveler.

Many individuals use to not have a lot of confidence in online travel reviews. There were many reasons for this. Fees were constantly changing as were amenities. Still individuals can find bargains, if they are persistent with their research at various web sites. Many individuals turn to before planning or mapping out a trip.

Recently, a study was completed by Access America Vacation Travel. This study supplied the following statistics. Sixty percent of all travelers refer to opinions of other travelers for travel advice. Social networking sites like Facebook are used for reviews of travel sites. More individuals use these social networks than a regular travel site for advice. Adults under the age of 35 rely on social networks for travel advice. 79 percent with an income of $75,000 or more factor in travel review of others for their plans. Finally, 63 percent of all travelers find that travel reviews by others is trustworthy.

The main reason for using social media is simple. Travelers are looking for deals in both time and money. They trust what others are telling them. They are more apt to believe a consumer than a business. Recent experiences by travelers are valued highly.

These experiences can be related to the hotels, airlines, weather, savings, amenities, luggage expenses, time delays and TSA (Travel Security Administration) guidelines. Individuals prefer to relate and use other individual experiences in planing their own trip. Social media is an excellent way to discover the pitfalls and advantages for travelers.

The days of using a travel agent is coming to an end. It is much easier to plan your own trip just sitting in your home in front of your computer or phone.

For your next trip, you might want to check with friends and relatives for advice, before making your plans.

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