The 5 Best Features of the Z-Bass 555 Sound Bar from ZVOX

by on December 22nd, 2014
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There are lots of sound bars on the market that are more than able to handle the needs of the average computer or home entertainment center setup, but if you’re looking for a great sound bar with lots of added features, check out the ZVOX Z-Bass 555.

Awesome Speaker Quality

The ZVOX Z-Bass 555 sound bar is relatively inexpensive where sound bars are concerned, it’s priced at only $399.99, and while it’s great to have a sound bar at a reasonable price, most sound bars within the ZVOX Z-Bass 555’s price range tend to skimp on speaker quality. Fortunately, this is not an issue with the ZVOX Z-Bass 555 sound bar which uses high quality speaker drivers, uses specially treated long-excursion main drivers, and has a medium density fiberboard which helps to bolster speaker quality as well.

Great Form Factor

One of the first things that you’re likely to notice about the ZVOX Z-Bass 555 sound bar is it’s very impressive form factor. The ZVOX Z-Bass 555 is only 3.5 inches high, which makes it ideal to be placed directly under an HDTV, will allow it to fit in any home theater setup, and allows it to look more like a cool gadget in your setup instead of a bulky surround sound system.

Easy to Install and Use

If you’re anything like me, the idea of setting up and configuring a surround sound system can be a bit overwhelming and intimating, but fortunately, the ZVOX Z-Bass 555 sound bar was design with the user in mind and was designed to be extremely simple to setup. In addition to having a simple setup, the ZVOX Z-Bass 555 was designed to be easy to use and features a quick tutorial that will teach users how to use the device in under a minute.

Virtual Surround Sound

This advanced surround sound system features ZVOX’s exclusive PhaseCue II virtual surround processing which gives the ZVOX Z-Bass 555 a crisp and rich, three-dimensional sound which ideal regardless of if you’re watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.

Great Digital Options

In addition to the other great features of this budget, yet advanced digital surround sound system, the ZVOX Z-Bass 555 boasts several features that you’re not likely to find on most sound bars, including a front-panel display, true input switching, and even digital audio inputs.

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