Thanksgiving Journal

by on February 6th, 2011
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Traditionally, at Thanksgiving, everyone around the table says what he or she is thankful for: family, the meal, health, work. Some people say something funny or quirky; others say something from the bottom of the heart. Wouldn’t you like to record those sayings? Whether someone says the turkey is dry, or another says how great it is to see “Sis”, everyone has something to say during Thanksgiving with friends and/or family. This year, why not do something a little different. When you begin a Thanksgiving journal you record years of those sayings and look back at them with a smile.

Any kind of a journal can become the new Thanksgiving journal. And, the journal doesn’t have to be put out by the person doing the dinner; anyone can bring a journal to the Thanksgiving meal. Look around at an office supply store, or discount department store, to find just the right journal for you. Use a sticker that says “Thanksgiving” or otherwise embellish the jacket of the book, like with paint markers and stencils.

Inside the book, write “Thanksgiving 2011″ or the actual year it is. The next year, write “Thanksgiving 2012″, or whatever year it is. Continue adding the next year, and the next, to make a journal that covers several years of sayings from family and friends.

Set the journal on a table at the Thanksgiving get-together and let everyone know that you’re making a journal. Ask guests to sign it or write in it sometime before leaving. Request that guests write something about the meal, the family, or other things related to this particular Thanksgiving. Don’t forget the kids. Kids often write the funniest things in these journals and, as they get older, you’ll all enjoy reading the sayings, which were written by the kids.

If you’re the one making the journal, you might want to write a running commentary like, “Uncle Bob was wearing his Halloween sweater!” or, “Mom dropped the turkey and we had subs and sweet potatoes”. This is an especially good idea so people who don’t write in the journal are at least mentioned in it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll cherish the Thanksgiving journal that you put out every year for new comments. When the journal offers no more space just start a new one. Label the old one to show the span of years it covers and you can find it later – once you have several of them – at a glance.
Thanksgiving Journal

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