Ten Fabulous Christmas Songs from Around the World

by on March 7th, 2015
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As the holiday season approaches, we look for favorite Christmas songs to sing along or to enjoy as part of the season. Although we are familiar with our English songs, have you ever considered songs in other languages, familiar songs with an exotic twist? Here are some interesting variations and to familiar songs and some festive new songs:

“Snomannen Kali” sung by Oda Loken is our familiar song “Frosty the Snowman” sung in Norwegian. The happy tune remains the same, and the Norwegian gives the song a foreign festive feeling. Check the song out and enjoy a touch of Norway.

“Kana Kaloka” sung by the group Na Leo is our familiar song “Santa Claus is coming to Town.” These wonderful Hawaiian singers bring a wonderful taste of the Hawaiian Islands to Christmas. If you have never heard a Hawaiian version of a favorite Christmas song, here is a happy recommendation.

“I Ate too much at Christmas” sung by the Sunny Cowgirls is a reminder of what happens when we eat too much during the holiday season. The Sunny Cowgirls are a fantastic Australian band who also sings a wonderful version of Jingle Bells called “Aussie Jingle Bells.” The Sunny Cowgirls are guaranteed to have your toes tapping.

“A Moose in a Maple Tree” sung by a compilation of Canadian Singers puts the Canadian twist on what may be offered during the Twelve Days of Christmas. Can anyone imagine being given a moose that has climbed into a maple tree? The song is very humorous and worth the listen.

“Mrs. Fogarty’s Christmas Cake” sung by the Irish Rovers reminds us of the humor surrounding those Christmas fruitcakes. The manner in which they describe what happens just to cut the cake will give you a chuckle as well as a groan remembering relatives who would offer those one-ton cakes to us at Christmas.

“Sleigh Ride” played by Doug Munro is a wonderful lively tune with the Rypsy touch. Happy and enjoyable this tune will be a wonderful addition to any collection of Christmas songs. You will enjoy this Roma guitar taste of the holidays.

“Schedryk” sung by Pink Martini is an interesting variation of the song “Carol of the Bells,” sung in Ukrainian. Although Pink Martini is an American group originating in Oregon, their version of this song is a lovely variation to a favorite old carol. With so many variation of this song in English, the Ukrainian version is a wonderful addition to your holiday music collection.

“Donadzar” sung by Zulal is a beautiful Armenian holiday song. Zulal is an Armenian group that performs traditional songs to share with the world. Beautiful clear voices a cappella present a song filled with beauty and joy of the holiday season.

“Ayth Eirai I Imera – Dodekanessa” sung by Marina Manolakou blends a bit of the Greek holiday season with ours. Marina Manolakou is a popular Greek singer and presents a beautiful song from the Greek Isles.

“Snoa Pa Snoa Pa” sung by Charlotte Perelli is a Swedish twist to the song, “Let It Snow, Let It Snow.” Her voice presents a version filled with a sophisticated version of the popular song. This song is perfect for a snowy day or a holiday party.

These songs in their various languages and cultural interpretations are a wonderful reminder of the importance of Christmas worldwide. If you have the opportunity to listen to these wonderful songs, you will enjoy new singers with many familiar songs. Try them; I do not believe you will be disappointed.

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