St. Paddy’s Day Places to Go

by on July 15th, 2010
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The 17th of March being St. Patrick’s Day, is a day of food drink even in the Jackson Metro Area. This article though is not about imbibery (Irish for the heavy consumption of alcohol) alone, it’s about the local restaurants that attempt to bring the Irish traditions to us.

The most popular in this area is Fenian’s and has been in business since 1996 and moderately priced so that a couple ($50) or family of 4 ($80) can eat (spirits will increase these prices considerably) and be musically entertained with the sounds of Ireland. The atmosphere at Fenian’s is that of mixed ages and backgrounds, from the local college student attending Belhaven to the executive from the downtown area go to enjoy this very nice, affordable and lively eatery.

The quality of service for this particular pub is an 8 (1 to 10). Servers offer up a smile and freshness unlike many. Specialties include “Irish” inspired food, drink and a warm sense of camaraderie not felt in regular bars in the area. They also honor those who serve us daily with little recognition i.e. military, fireman, and police officers with a whopping 25% discount on food and drinks that are on a happy hour status for the same folks, They call this the “Guns and Hoses” discount, how cool is that?

It’s not my attempt to demean the other Irish Pubs in this area, or in particular is the Frog Head Grill that is located here in the city of Clinton, Mississippi. The pricing here is that of a moderate level ($20 per couple) and has a clientele of mixed ages as this is a college town, so are most of the that crowd but is family oriented simultaneously.

The service of this Pub is 7 (1 of 10) and the food is Irish inspired but American based. The steaks at this place are phenomenal and can be compared to any in the area. The atmosphere is that of smiles, service and the desire to please the customer. The music is based on that of a jukebox and has the feel of a “fern bar”.

Finally, the Bonnie Blair Pub is located near the Ross Barnett Reservoir area and services those in the Rankin County area. For those whom are non-smokers, this is not your pub! Though the management has recently added a non-smoking area, many have complained of the smoke intrusion (in Ireland, no smoking is standard in the Pubs).

They boast a variety of foods that are Irish inspired but are southern based to keep the local clientele coming back. This being the case, this pub has every type beer imaginable to the degree of 24 beers on tap and a whopping 45 on hand from the can or bottle. That’s an impressive number!

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