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by on September 24th, 2010
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If you want to show up in sites like Google for certain search terms, SEO is exactly what you are looking for. For instance, a dentist in the Los Angeles area would probably want to rank for LA Dentist in Google. For that reason, that dentist may want to hire a SEO marketer to make that happen. However, many website owners still don’t know if SEO can benefit them. A lot of people confuse SEO services with spam advertisers that perform unethical marketing tactics to trick the search engines. The fact that search engines are the most used type of sites on the internet, with social media sites in 2nd, proves that SEO is the marketing of the future. Knowing if you are a good candidate for SEO is very important. This article will allow you decide whether or not you are.

The potential to make money from the website is the number one thing to consider. SEO services can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a month so a website that makes all of its money from Adsense may not be the best choice. Instead of enlisting an SEO service, you can always do it on your own. The cost goes down but the time consumption goes way up. If a website sells products and/or services and makes a decent profit from each sale, the cost of SEO definitely is low compared to the income the site can make due to the SEO results. Making a couple sales a day for $25 in profit can easily equal the expense of the SEO service, and could make you some nice profits depending on how much that SEO service is charging. Online stores that provide products or services usually have no problem filling this requirement.

After passing the first requirement, you have to examine the value of your niche in the search engines. If your niche only receives less than a thousand searches per month in the search engines, an SEO service probably won’t help that much, unless of course you have a 50% conversion rate, which would be around 500 sales per month. You could do the search value research by yourself or contact a SEO service and see if they will do it for you. The top SEO services will give you an idea of if your site is good or not, and usually it will be free of charge. Just make sure to research on your niche because some things just don’t sell on the internet!

After you know your in the right niche and you know you can make enough money from your website, look into other forms of marketing. If you can make a good amount of money from email marketing or social media marketing, why enlist an SEO service? There are a lot of sites out there that makes thousands a month and aren’t even listed in the search engines. If you can become one of those, why not take advantage? You can avoid SEO if you want because there are so many things you can do when it comes to online marketing! Of course, even if your site is making thousands every month with SMM, you could add SEO services just so you can make even more money with your website.

Just reading through this short article, you probably know if you are a good candidate for an SEO service. However, even if a site doesn’t fit these generic requirements that doesn’t mean that SEO won’t work for the site. It just means that you may not be able to hire an expensive service because the income potential of your site may be too low. You can always do the SEO work by yourself as well. The great thing is that SEO can essentially be learned by anybody. It does take time but who knows, your site may take off and make millions even if it doesn’t fit into the general requirements for an SEO ready website listed in this article.

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