Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for Sensitive Skin: A Great Addition for On-the-Go Moms like Me

by on December 24th, 2010
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I have always had difficulty finding a deodorant that works. In high school, I had found a good one, but as soon as I got pregnant, it stopped working for me, likely due to the hormonal changes that were causing me to perspire more than I had before. It was a frustrating situation, especially when I had college, an infant, two older children and housework to attend to.

Trying out Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for Sensitive Skin
I was skeptical about trying a new deodorant. Considering how difficult of a time I’ve had trying to find a deodorant that worked before, I was even more skeptical about a deodorant that was applied at night instead of first thing in the morning. However, I have liked Secret products in the past, and the only product that I have ever had success with before was Secret Scent Expressions (in my favorite scent, “Va va vanilla”). I was tired of being stuck wearing tank tops throughout the day and reapplying deodorant, so I gave the Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for Sensitive Skin a shot.

Pleasantly surprised with performance
I followed the instructions on the stick and applied two clicks worth of Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for Sensitive Skin to my underarms just before going to bed. The next day, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t breaking a sweat just trying to get the kitchen cleaned up, breakfast on the table and bottle made for the baby. Later, I bundled up and got in the car to head to town. I keep a stick of deodorant in the car just in case I need it while I’m out and about, but I didn’t need it at all this time. From cleaning house, to shopping, to going to class, to playing with my kids before bedtime, I didn’t find myself scrambling for deodorant or experiencing any undesirable underarm moisture.

My overall experience
Overall, I was impressed with Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for Sensitive Skin. The only thing I didn’t especially like was that initially, after application, it made my arms feel a little oily, but that feeling was gone by morning. It really did keep up with me and my busy, hectic life as a mom and student. I will definitely continue to use this fantastic product, and will keep my Secret Scent Expressions Va Va Vanilla as a backup!

I was compensated for the review and sampled the product for free.

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