Rescued from Failure, Given a Future

by on December 23rd, 2014
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I was seventeen, but had no future. So in December 1969 I took my dad’s car and determined to kill myself. I zoomed toward a red light, but stopped. Despair and shame plagued me, so I aimed for the river. Again I stopped, and went home with the thought I’ll just roam through life as a failure.

When young I told my parents I wanted to be a chemist. Until sixth grade my grades showed I could do it. But after my first arrest, the weight of shame crushed my world. My grades plummeted. I almost failed sixth grade.

Remarks by a priest turned me against all religions and God. An uncle influenced me to explore the occult. I began worshiping Satan in my room. The journey down that path came to an end after I heard a wicked laugh while in a trance. I then decided to meddle less in that realm.

Despite my hatred for God and religion, emptiness gnawed within. I examined different beliefs other than the type of Christianity I had known. I received a Gospel tract in the mail titled, “Religion is a Drag.” I agreed, and the tract’s message opened my mind to a distinction between religion and Christ. But, I put away the tract with no intent of converting to Christ.

I understood nothing about chemistry in high school. I was a failure. That was confirmed in my senior year after three colleges rejected me. Add another arrest and other things and you will have an idea why I wanted to end my miserable life.

A friend talked with me about God and got me to listen to Billy Graham on radio. His preaching nudged me to read The Revelation. Reading it four times I knew I was doomed if the Bible was true.

On January 25, 1970, Graham preached about Judgment Day. He explained only Christ could be the Judge since He was all God and all man. He also said that made Him the perfect Redeemer for all. About an hour later, I surrendered to Christ.

I felt my weighty guilt and sins wiped out. I now have peace, hope, joy and more while serving God and others. Sinning decreased over the years and, when I err, I have an Advocate (1 John 1:9). Christ indeed freed me from failure and gave me a glorious future.

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