Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Otherwise Engaged Episode Re-Cap

by on February 20th, 2011
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Pandora’s engagement party was the dominant theme of tonight’s episode. Lisa VanderPump is one very happy mother of the bride to be! Unfortunately, there is a Pandoa’s box issue that arises when Lisa creates her guest list. Turns out that the host, Mohamed, had a huge falling out with Russell Armstrong and doesn’t want him at the event. This means that Taylor Armstrong is invited but she can’t bring her estranged spouse.

Taylor agrees to attend Pandora’s engagement party alone but isn’t too bothered by it. She has her own daughter to worry about because its time for Kennedy’s 5th birthday party. Last year, Taylor got criticized for spending $50K on Kennedy’s last birthday. This year she is going with a cowboy theme and goes cake shopping with pal Dana Wilkey. We find out that Kennedy is going to have 200 people on her big day.

Meanwhile Dr. Paul Nassif, spouse of Adrienne Maloof, is doing a consultation for Mauricio Umansky’s mother Dr. Estella Sneider. Estella has decided to get some rejuvenation work and her family is supportive even though Kyle Richards gets tearful seeing her mother-in-law in surgery. Dr. Nassif doesn’t seem to concerned because he takes a call from Mark Wahlberg during the procedure.

After Estella’s operation, Kyle Richards and her husband go to the Armstrong home for dinner. Chef Paul has prepared an exquisite dinner and when the Umanskys arrive the contrast between the couples is striking. Its no secret that Kyle and Mauricio are still in love but the Armstrong union is shaky. In fact, US Weekly just announced that Taylor and Russell are separating. Kyle mentions that she is uncomfortable around Russell because Taylor speaks ill of him all the time.

During dinner Russell brings up talk of a lawsuit. He is convinced Lisa VanderPump is behind the story leak to US Magazine since she is friends with the Editor. Taylor hints that this is not a coincidence that there marriage breakup has been announced by the publication. Kyle is not so sure. The talk of Beverly Hills is that the Armstrong marriage is in trouble.

Besides, Lisa and Ken seem far too occupied with thoughts of their daughter’s engagement and marriage. They are busy with preparing for a big Arabian nights themed engagement party. Before the event the VanderPumps exchange family heirlooms with their daughter and her fiancé. Lisa gives Pandora the $68,000 bracelet that Ken gave her when she was pregnant. Ken gives Jason, Pandora’s betrothed, a $22,000 watch that Lisa once gave him for his birthday.

Later that evening Camille and Taylor arrive at Mohamed’s without a date and ready to party for Pandora. There are camels and mermaids plashing about plus a troupe of acrobats and belly dancers. The whole soiree makes Kyle Richards broody and she encourages her oldest daughter Farrah to get married and give her some grandchildren. Despite her matronly ways Kyle starts moving with the acrobats by doing splits on a table during a belly dace performance. There are other interesting party guests at Mohamed’s house that night. The ladies meet a woman named Dazza who calls her husband Daddy.

Kim Richards was a no show at Pandora’s engagement celebrations because she needs to pack. Kim is moving out of her house and has been keeping a secret possible engagement of her own. The episode reveals that Kim has been dating Ken for a year but Kyle has no idea about it.

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