Product Review: Giovanni Direct Leave In

by on June 19th, 2014
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Many people, especially those with drier hair, understand the importance of a good leave in conditioner. You may notice that often times, using a rinse out conditioner following your shampoo does not do enough to infuse long lasting moisture into your hair. A leave in conditioner provides an added boost of moisture since it will not be rinsed out of the hair after application. Most hair care lines have some version of a leave in conditioner. Depending on your hair texture however, all will not work the same. Giovanni direct leave-in seemed to be a favorite among many women across a few different hair forums. Deciding to see what the hype was about, I purchased the product.

I purchased the Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner from my local Vitamin Shoppe store for $7.29. This was not a bad price considering that the product is comprised of all natural ingredients. The bottle is only 8.5 fluid ounces but I found this amount lasted fairly well since a lot is not required to feel the effects. On the bottle, the product is said to restore strength luster and nourishment to abused hair as well as moisturize and aid in the detangling process. What is unique about the Giovanni Direct Leave-In conditioner is that it is comprised of organic ingredients which really seem to penetrate each individual hair shaft. An added bonus is that these ingredients are certified organic by the Organic Certification Agency as well as by Quality Assurance International and no animal by-products are used.

The first time I opened the product, of course one of the first things I noticed was the smell. Right away I noticed that I could not smell the harsh chemicals that I am usually able to detect in other store bought products. Instead, I could smell the natural ingredients. The consistency of the product seemed fairly light. I could compare this feeling to something I would feel in glycerin based products.

The directions on the bottle say to apply to hair that has been freshly shampooed and towel-dried but still remains damp. Once the product is evenly distributed you are to comb through, leave in and either air dry or blow dry depending on your preference. I followed these instructions the first time I used this product. Being used to applying more of a product to see results, I applied a good amount to my hair. The amount I used was too much. A little goes a long way. After using the product a few more times on wet hair I noticed that the product seems to “foam” up for lack of a better word. This effect goes away as the hair begins to dry or if other products are applied on top.

Giovanni Direct Leave-In conditioner did a decent job moisturizing my hair, however, for my dry, kinky hair texture, I will not re-purchase. For those who need a thicker, oil-based product to keep hair moisturized, this product may not be for you. Since everyone’s hair reacts differently to various products, the best way to know for sure how your hair will like it is to test it out. For an all natural product that is reasonably priced, you have nothing to lose.

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