Praise to My Closing Eye

by on November 23rd, 2010
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Sometimes there is just nothing to say. You become lost in words that try to fill your day. I have spoken many times in my life to empty walls. Though I believe tonight is the first time those words have been heard by me. Wasting away in each step. I have grown strong falling apart in a slow compromise to a will outside this world. To a life that has been given to me, there is nothing grander than seeing a world for the first time. For I will never see it again as it is now. Each moment last but a flash. Until I am given another page of life I must recall only memories of lost steps. I shall never give up. Even in my final breath I will walk taller over life.

In my dying grace I hope I can grant this world one peace, one joy in my drying blood. As a soul leaks from my temple I know only one thing. Whispers of a world were heard in my silence resting among the dead. Cast me to your arms and in her wake Earth calls to me. In ashes of my tears blood no longer fills my lungs. No ferry can pull me to sanctuary over broken bones, water ripples in change, in disarray I’m pulled away. My eyes that once knew hope curled away from light’s darkness. Decaying hands reached out to me, falling short of my desperation of loves care. Letting go each time a weakened heart jumped ledges of desire. My legs implore these quests to break short of pain.

In a never ending ploy to pass a blank river filled of my love. So burn me away in wind’s breath. Cast me to clouds. Place me in the sea’s arms. Let this temple rot without your eye’s watching.

Cast before an unknown name, the crown of my kingdom is all I knew. Finally at peace I whisper those lost words to the cold. This is my kingdom, this is my temple’s home. My soul forever freed of anything that could have kept me a slave to mankind’s faults. Consumed by my undying love for a moon’s blanketing resolve. I shall allow my soul to bleed one last time. Under my very being my lids fades under sight’s very gray. For in this moment I have become lost in words. Sometimes there is just nothing to say.

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