Photos in Olive Oil

by on March 7th, 2015
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There are lots of us who are always trying to find new ways to display photos. We’ve already put many pictures in frames, made collages, created photo stands, and done every other photo craft known to man. After awhile, you run out of ideas for showing off the ever-coming pictures. If you love photo crafts, especially unique and unusual ones, you might like a curious project that displays a picture in a jar. But don’t think you’ll do the classic taping of a picture to the inside of the jar; you’ll do something much different than that.

A canning jar or other lidded, glass jar is just what you need to make a photo display in an unusual way. You can use a pint jar, a quart jar, or another size. Choose a picture that, when put it in the jar, will go nearly to the top. Place the picture in the jar and hold it upright; you might need to use an implement, like a skewer or long tweezers, to hold the picture in place.

When you pour olive oil in the jar you make a fun and extraordinary photo stand. The olive oil can be regular, or extra-virgin, but shouldn’t be flavored, such as garlic olive oil. Although the oil will work the same as an unflavored type it will be much smellier if you ever go to remove the picture from the jar. Gently pour the olive oil in the jar until you fill the jar nearly all the way full. After that, you can let go of the photo; it will stay in place.

The jar of oil creates an unusual look for the chosen photo. But you can create various looks by experimenting with different picture types. Try a black and white photo, a very colorful photo, or another style. Or, place two, same-size photos, back-to-back, in the oil.

Paper copies of photos won’t work for this project. Use pictures of which you have more than one, or print pictures on photo-quality paper. You’ll find that particular paper at an office supply store or you can order it online.

You can do one picture in a jar of oil, just as a curiosity, or you can do a collection of them to create a grouping. Use some small jars, some larger ones, some color photos, some black and white ones. Align the finished collection on a mantle or counter to show it off to your visitors. They’ll be fascinated.
Photo in Oil

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