Pain Associated with Arthritis

by on March 9th, 2015
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Persons living with arthritis live with pain, and they must learn how to manage their pain. There are different types of arthritis, and the first thing is to find out what type of arthritis you have.

Because not all pain is alike, not all patients experience the same types of pain. Once you have been diagnosed, obviously, it will be much easier to know which treatment is more effective.

When an injury results, pain is experienced. This is because the pain is telling us that something is wrong. With fibromyalgia or arthritis pain is long lasting. Just as, the pain suffered from an injury, the pain suffered with fibromyalgia or arthritis is telling the body that something is wrong with the body.

The pain that is suffered with these diseases can be debilitating. As the pain travels through the systems of the nerves, the body often tries to intercept, to stop the pain. This is done by the body creating chemicals which are called endorphins.

There are many reasons for the pain that is caused with arthritis which include inflammation, injury to joint tissues, mental depression or stress and body fatigue. When an arthritis sufferer is suffering from fatigue, anxiety, depression, focusing on the pain, increased disease activity, stress and overdoing physical activity, the pain level is increased.

In order to help reduce the pain, the arthritis suffer can engage in a number of activities, such as, exercise, creating positive thoughts and maintaining a positive attitude, relax, use massage therapy, use topical pain relievers, laugh, and use cold and hot treatments, which will all help to lessen the pain experienced with arthritis.

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