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by on January 15th, 2011
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I’ve been an online seller for the past eight years. When I started selling on eBay I found it was a great way to earn a bit of extra cash while indulging in my passion for shopping. It’s easier to rationalize spending money, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, when you know that if you’re successful it won’t cost you anything. You can earn money by reselling your treasures.

I loved selling online but wanted to expand. As other sites where I could sell my finds started to emerge I checked them out, and actually tried to sell on a few. I didn’t care of any of them, until I traveled onto the ranch.

Bonanza ( is an online site that allows sellers of any size to open a shop and place items in it at no cost. When you sell an item the charge is a reasonable 3.5%. Listing is a breeze, the entire process can be completed on a single page. Editing and relisting your items is easy as well.

Bonanza was founded approximately four years ago by Bill Harding and Mark Dorsey, who with their staff were known as the “boyz”, although there are some ” girlz” now in the mix. If you should have a question or concern you can send a request help by clicking on a friendly sounding link that says: ” Contact Us, we haven’t spoken in so long.” Your query will be answered within a couple of hours. I’ve had my questions responded to within a few minutes. There is also a user-to-user forum where you can gain tips on how to grow your sales or information about the workings of the site. The participants seem eager to assist each other. I haven’t seen any cliques or read any snarky comments.

The site (and my personal sales) has been growing rapidly. The Bonanza staff works with users to make sure listings have the attributes that make them Google friendly. Using attributes correctly will insure that Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines display your content. Practically any item I have listed comes up on the top of a Google search, as well as in Google Shopping.

When you sell an item, payment methods includes: Cash, check, money order, Google Checkout or Pay Pal.

Take a trip out to the ranch if you want to make a few extra bucks or just to shop…as the tagline for the site says they are “Everything But The Ordinary.”

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